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United to Learn (U2L) is an education nonprofit that mobilizes community partnerships to accelerate student achievement across 75 Dallas ISD Title I elementary schools ("U2L Schools").

U2L stands with and supports 3,100 educators, providing programming and resources to drive academic achievement for 36,326 students. Our collaborative program model operates along four research-driven and Dallas ISD-aligned pillars: 1) strengthening social and emotional health; 2) creating aspirational learning environments; 3) accelerating student achievement in literacy, and 4) activating an informed community.

Since its founding in 2013, U2L partner elementary schools have seen 39% improvement in literacy achievement, outpacing achievement seen across Dallas ISD, county, and state. Despite significant learning losses experienced nationwide in response to classroom disruptions over the past two years, U2L partner schools saw only limited regression - less than 50% of the losses experienced by the District and County in response to COVID. U2L Schools saw a strong rebound through 2022 STAAR results with a 17% increase over the prior year and a narrowing of gaps in achievement between students of color and their white peers.

This upcoming year, U2L’s Learning Launch 2023 will be bigger and more impactful than ever, providing classroom supplies and resources to drive learning for 36,326 students and equip 3,100 educators with invaluable tools across our newly-expanded network of 75 partner Dallas ISD Title I elementary schools. As our signature back to school program, Learning Launch sets up Dallas ISD elementary classrooms for success and equips schools with teacher-requested learning resources not provided-for in limited public school budgets. 

Each year, Dallas ISD teacher spend an average of $820 out of their own pockets yearly to supplement classroom supplies, equating to a $1 million shortfall in critically needed resources across our campuses. With a focus on literacy education, Learning Launch alleviates this burden on educators, filling classroom specific needs with targeted resources for instruction. Through Learning Launch 2023, U2L celebrates and honors our students and educators by ensuring that their classrooms are well-equipped and by illustrating our confidence in their success and potential to thrive.

In the 2023-2024 school year, Learning Launch will provide resources for 36,326 students and equip 3,100 educators with critically-needed teaching aids across 75 Dallas ISD Title I elementary schools. Resources will include:

  • Manipulatives to build fine-motor skills for writing;
  • Leveled readers with culturally-responsive tactile texts;
  • Classroom learning centers focused on different subjects, including math and literacy activities; and
  • Instructional tools and resources to drive social-emotional learning.

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United to Learn (U2L) changes lives by transforming the relationship between schools and community.


Equity Statement

U2L believes that our city's potential lies within our youngest learners, and we know that with the right resources, ALL children can achieve greatness. With nine out of ten children attending public schools, we know that our public education institutions are the bedrock of our society, developing our city’s future workforce, leaders, and civic decision-makers.

Our city’s prosperity can be shared more equitably as more students are prepared for college and career success, thus we embrace our responsibility to address resource gaps in public education to achieve a more equitable, prosperous community.

We know these goals cannot be achieved without advancing diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging across our community. Building cultural competence is a dynamic, ongoing, developmental process, and we appreciate that it requires a long-term commitment.

As an organization, we seek to foster an inclusive team environment, ensuring all feel valued and empowered to contribute to our mission and vision. Through our proven model, we listen first and then mobilize community partners to close opportunity gaps among our public elementary schools and awareness gaps in our city. Together, we embrace our responsibility to learn and lead as an informed network empowered to advance educational equity.

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Equity Statement


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