Save the date for NTX Giving Day 2023! 09.21.23

Browse more than 3,300 nonprofits. Find one that connects with your passion and give with purpose today.


Welcome to NTX Giving Day!

Powered by Communities Foundation of Texas, NTX Giving Day is the largest community giving event in the nation! This event is held annually in September, but you can give online and volunteer year-round. 

Browse more than 3,300 nonprofits in North Texas and give or volunteer today!




For a family of four, a yearly income below $27,740 is considered below the poverty threshold.

In North Texas, 11% of these families 
less than that.

These staggering numbers represent real people—our neighbors and friends who are living and striving to provide for themselves and their families. During  March, NTX Giving Day and Charles Schwab Bank are partnering up to support economic security for North Texans. 

 Your gift will be matched by $15 to qualifying organizations, courtesy of 
Charles Schwab Bank.



NTX Giving Day 2022

On September 22, 2022, our community rallied together to raise over $62.6 million for 3,210 nonprofits in North Texas! NTX Giving Day has brought in more than $503 million for the community since its start in 2009. 


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 When we give together, we make a deeper impact! Browse more than 3,300 organizations and give to our community. Your donation supports the important work of nonprofits across North Texas.

Find your Passion

Get involved in an area you love! With more than 3,300 nonprofits, choosing one to support can be hard. We can help you find your passion and get further involved in the areas that matter to YOU.

For Nonprofits

The trainings and resources prepared by our team are best practices that work for your NTX Giving Day campaign but also for other marketing and fundraising campaigns you might have year-round.



Find your Passion. Give with Purpose.

As the largest Giving Event in the nation, NTX Giving Day is proud to connect passionate and generous givers, like you, to nonprofits in our community who are doing the work to build thriving communities for all. Our team believes in not only connecting people, but deepening that connection through passion and purpose. 

Nonprofits come from 20 counties and cover 27 unique cause areas, creating a beautifully diverse list of passions that givers can resonate with. Passionate about interior design? Donate to a nonprofit that builds homes. Passionate about basketball? Volunteer as a coach for a nonprofit that teaches basketball to at-risk youth.

We invite you to discover your passion, connect with a nonprofit, and give with purpose to make an impact.




We are the foundation for a thriving community

At Communities Foundation of Texas, we believe in connecting givers to areas of need within our community in order to build thriving communities for all.



Thank you to our sponsors!

Sponsors allow this event to be put on year after year. Their support for NTX Giving Day throughout the giving season shows a deep love and commitment to our community. Thank you to our sponsors for powering NTX Giving Day!