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House of Shine’s mission is to provide programming and tools that enable people, organizations, and communities to thrive. We help build confident, self-aware people who in turn build their community. We do this through self-discovery workshops and programs, custom-created tools, and an interactive museum that helps people discover their SHINE through our research-based SHINE framework and methodology.  

Programming Structure:

Be. Do. Share.
Be. Do. Share. is the three-part Shine Method for discovering who you are and why who you are matters. Be is all about knowing yourself, understanding your talents and gifts, and connecting with what you care about so you can make more fulfilling life choices. Do is about strengthening and refining your talents through your daily actions. Share is when you roll up your sleeves and share your Shine with others, making your community a brighter place.

SHINE Framework
The SHINE Framework is a five-part method for tapping into your talents and gifts, using the five letters of the word "shine." S = Strengths, H= Hobbies, I= Interests & Irritants, and N= Needs and E= Experiences. We teach people how to discover their SHINE when they visit our museum, come to our self-discovery workshops, and plug into our community.

Point of Intersection
Your Point of Intersection is the place where your talents and interests intersect with a need in your community. Defining your Point of Intersection will show you where you can make a meaningful contribution to the world around you, based on where you are today. Your Point of Intersection will change throughout your life, revealing new opportunities to Shine.

To learn more, visit and or contact Katherine Behning at or 817-601-8850 for more information on meaningful ways to pay it forward and get involved in serving our community. You can also find us on Instagram, YouTube and Facebook: , and 


House of Shine’s (HOS) mission is to provide programming and tools that enable people, organizations, and communities to thrive. HOS is centered around the study and discovery of YOU. The primary goal is to grow confident and self-aware leaders that make meaningful contributions in their corner of the world. HOS lives out this mission by offering programs, tools, and an interactive museum to help individuals discover their SHINE.

The SHINE framework stands for strengths, hobbies, interests/irritants, needs, and experiences. SHINE is something we all possess and can utilize in our communities through the Be. Do. Share. method, which is to be who you are, do what you love, and share it back with your community.

Visiting House of Shine is like opening a giant fortune cookie. You'll discover new things about yourself, revealing intriguing possibilities for the future. Our engaging exhibits, programs, tools and events help you unearth your SHINE (Strengths, Hobbies, Interests & Irritants, Needs, and Experiences), and use it to help others. We are all designed to make a contribution. House of Shine will help you discover yours.


We're growing! Due to increased demand for our self-discovery, community improvement, and leadership programs, House of Shine has obtained more space and developed initiatives to expand our community accessibility and impact.

This year we are embarking on a comprehensive Expansion campaign to raise $4,000,000 in order to create additional space and programs for people, organizations and communities in the area. Our ability to grow our impact in the community is only possible because of your generous donations. Thanks to you, the future is bright!

Equity Statement

The core foundation of House of Shine is the belief that EVERY person was born to shine; EVERY person has a unique set of talents and gifts unlike anyone else’s; and inside EVERY single person is a contribution just waiting to be made. EVERYONE - regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, or age - has something valuable to share with the world. Unearthing your shine is the reason we do what we do.

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Equity Statement


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