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A nonprofit fundraiser supporting

The Happy Pet Project
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Redefining 'pit bulls' as 'bully breeds' to combat stereotypes, save lives, and change policies.


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We aim to change the way the term “pit bull” is used. The term “pit bull” has long been used as an umbrella term to describe many different breeds that look similar, which can lead to arbitrary labeling of dogs that perpetuates a negative stereotype. A better term to use for this group of similarly looking dogs is simply “bully breeds”! 

Happy Pet Project works with shelters and the DFW community to change visual identification methods and educate on the hundreds of different breed types, resulting in owners being able to better advocate for their dogs and lives saved from euthanasia. 

This fund will help us secure things like DNA tests as well as research and grant opportunities that allow us to assist with changing policies across the US when it comes to breed specific legislation, insurance restrictions, rental property restrictions, and the overall mislabeling of bully breed dogs.

This fund also helps us continue to rescue bully breeds, like all of the dogs featured in the photo above. Those are all Happy Pets who have either been adopted through our organization or are still with us waiting to find their forever home!

This fundraiser supports

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The Happy Pet Project

Organized By Sydney Pfeifle

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