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Annie's Gifts of Love Charitable Foundation, Inc.
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Stand with our community when you give and help raise awareness of domestic violence.💜


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Annie’s Gifts of Love Charitable Foundation, Inc., is a non staff nonprofit organization established in 2015 to impact the community by raising awareness of domestic violence and sexual assault. We are an awareness organization named in memory of Annie Bell Cage, who lived in domestic violence for twenty-five years. We sponsor an annual Survivors’ Luncheon to help us accomplish our mission. We have sponsored the Survivors’ Luncheon for the past 7 years. Through the luncheon we support survivors and those who advocated for them. In 2019, we were recognized for the innovative good work that is done to address issues of violence against women and children in the Southern Sector of Dallas Country, which is an underserved area, by Genesis Women’s Shelter and Support. The annual Survivors Luncheon is our major event. It is held the second in May at the Hilton Garden Inn in Duncanville, TX. In addition, we use our social media platforms, attend local rallies and other DV activities during the month of October, and by make gift distributions to some advocacy agencies in an effort we raise awareness and provide resources primarily in the Southern Sector of Dallas County. We solicit the public to help us provide the Survivors’ Luncheon at no costs to survivors and those who advocate for them. This is our way of making a positive impact on our community. We are committed to raising awareness and encouraging survivors in the fight against domestic violence. The Survivors Luncheon is coordinated with several advocacy agencies in the Dallas area so that their patrons or clients can come and be encouraged and empowered. Your generous gift will make a tremendous impact in our community. Thanks in advance for Giving!💜

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