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It's hard to believe, but Union is celebrating it's 10 Year Anniversary this November! This place has deeply shaped and transformed me over the past 10 years, first meeting me as a jaded seminary student and ultimately helping restore my faith in the Church and deeply forming my life in the Wesleyan tradition--one that knows personal holiness is never separate from holiness and that God is present in all things. And most importantly--developing ALL the melodica skills.

Union is wholly unique in what we do and how we approach community. There is no other place like Union in the city of Dallas, existing solely for the wellbeing of our neighborhood, cultivating the divine spark that already exists within it.  It is the neighborhood that determines our values and our mission. It is the neighborhood that determines our programming. It is the neighborhood that names what it needs and invites Union to respond. 

Union is truly just that—a union. A union of so many different things for so many different people—never asking anything of anyone when they come through our door. And while most other organizations shy away from being all things to all people, perhaps for fear of being spread too thin, Union knows that that is our sweet spot.

If you need a space to study, we’re a coffee shop

If you need a place to cultivate a leadership skill, we've got plenty of leadership positions. 

If you’re a college student needing a part-time job, Union needs baristas.

If you need a safe space to explore faith again, Union has worshipping communities.

If you’re looking for a place to host your fundraiser, Union has a lawn and a stage.

If you need a conference room for your company to use, Union will bring the coffee, too.

If you are looking for a place to tell your story or share your song, Union has regular storytelling and open mic nights.

We have worked with a whole host of organizations in Dallas: Theatre Three, Junior Players, Friends of the Dallas Public Library, Alcoholics Anonymous, Val’s Cheesecakes, Iris Memory Care—Family Support Group, Shalem Hospice, Dallas Hope Charities, Vampire Court of Dallas, Project Transformation, Readers 2 Leaders, Autocare Haven, The Family Place, Abide Women’s Health Services, The Resource Center, PRISM Health, Dwell with Dignity, Cafe Momentum, Equality Texas, Big Thought, and several more.

Union is constantly working to be the community its neighborhood needs, whatever that might mean.

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