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Texas Regional Animal Rescue has saved, placed and fixed and rehomed thousands of dogs and cats in the many years that we have been in existence since 1997. Our sole commitment is to the welfare of animals. We also trap and fix feral dogs and cats, releasing the cats back to their colonies while providing them food and water but stopping the population from expanding. The dogs we bring to our 10 acre facility where they can live out their life with shelter food and water on a separate 2 acre section of the facility. Also as an example of what we do when it got down to 0 degrees in Texas in 2021Texad Regional Animal Rescue drove around for 3 days passing out hay for dog house and even supplying dog houses when needed and educating people to please bring their dogs inside when the temperature was so historically low. Doing this even though our power and water was out at our facility. We were able to run generators to keep our animals warm and with fresh water. Please Know that 100% of any donation you make goes towards helping animals in need and that nobody here takes anykind of salary of pay for what we do. If fact,  quite the opposite almost all of our costs are covered by my wife and I's full time jobs. Working full time and taking care of all the animals is alot of work. This couldn't be possible without our many wonderful Foster familes that foster many of the dogs that go into our overflow program when the kennels here get full and also our very appreciated volunteers. We have expanded to include Horses, Pot Belly Pigs and various other critters since we had the space and the barns. We would really appreciate any and all donations and if you cant afford to donate I get it, then how about a prayer for us. It'd be much appreciated. God Bless and Thank Ya

Our Needs

We have moved to a 10 acre sanctuary facility in order to care for more animals. Regardless of our adoption efforts, our number of unadoptable sanctuary-only animals keeps growing. We need to build more dog runs, add roofing and more dog houses. Also we recently received over 18 dogs that need to be spay/neutered. Also in desperate need of is a small tractor that has a front end loader and a brush hog attachment. This would be to help on our food situation for our rescue horses plus general work around the farm. Our food bill is over $1800 per month for all the animals. We also need Box Fans or big industrial Fans, currently in this summer heat we have 68 fans running 24/7 We need old square bales of hay for bedding for winter and fresh square or round bales of hay for feed. We could use a zero turn mower that works. A working 8000 amp or better generator. Hospital Pee Pads the washable kind, Blankets for Bedding.  Bless and Thank you.


WE ARE A "NO KILL" RESCUE We believe all life is special and all animals deserve a good life. Our original mission was to help dogs. However, after seeing so many animals in need, we moved to a 10 acre facility and expanded our rescue to include cats, horses, turtles, potbelly pigs, and a wildlife rehab area (squirrels, raccoons, possums, etc.) We now provide a sanctuary for over 100 animals. We provide food, shelter, medical care, spay/neuter, shots, rehabilitation and, of course, lots of love! We try to find forever loving homes for all adoptable dogs (and cats). We are very selective in our adoptions. We interview carefully, check vet references, and do on-site inspections. Regardless of our adoption efforts, our number of unadoptable sanctuary-only animals keeps growing. We need and appreciate any and all donations. Thank you.


We are alway in need of a low cost supply of quality food, by the pallet Round or square bales of hay. But now with the cost of gas distance has factored into the equation greatly making cash donations much more cost effective that we may pick up supplies locally.

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