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For 52 years, Nexus Recovery Center has provided access to treatment for women and families impacted by substance use disorders, regardless of their ability to pay. The majority of our clients are low-income women with histories of incarceration, sexual and domestic violence, sexual exploitation, and housing instability. For many, Nexus is a place of hope.

Founded by a group of women in long-term recovery, Nexus was established in 1971 as a structured living and social detoxification program for women. As a rehabilitation center that serves both women and their children through a continuum of care treatment program, the strength of our organization stems from our holistic and family-centered approach to treatment that not only addresses a woman’s substance use disorder, but also the causal factors and consequences that challenge her ability to live an independent and self-directed life.

The Journal of Addiction Medicine estimates that approximately 21 million Americans have a substance use disorder. With a trickle-down effect to families and loved ones, the number of people impacted by a loved one’s substance use is exponentially greater. Operating 24/7 throughout the year, Nexus provides prevention and intervention services through a continuum of care which include:


  With an average stay of 30-90 days, women in this program receive prenatal, delivery, and postnatal care through our partnership with Parkland Hospital. Through this program, we strive to build healthy and thriving mothers, ensure healthy birth outcomes for infants, and provide a safe and secure place for children to build resilience and thrive.

In Texas, overdoses are the leading cause of maternal mortality, with almost 80% occurring after 60 days postpartum and 58% of which involve opioids/opiates. For women like Michelle, Nexus exists to bridge the gap to treatment and in so doing, serve the needs of both mother and child.

Michelle: "I could not take care of a all. I hated myself and could not raise a child with a mother like me because he just doesn't deserve I came to Nexus. Nexus loved me until I could love myself. I felt so safe. It completely transformed my life. Everything that I know - my worth, value, and life worth in general, I learned from Nexus. Nexus taught me how to live."


 In the United States, there are only 19 treatment centers that allow children to accompany their mother into treatment. Seven of these are in Texas, and Nexus is the only Texas-based center that allows women to bring up to three children (aged 0-12) AND provides onsite services and treatment to address the impact of parental substance use on children.

The Child Development Center (CDC) is a Texas Rising Star – 3 STAR Accredited state licensed daycare facility that addresses the medical and developmental needs of children, and their experiences of trauma, while striving to reestablish trusting bonds with their families. 


Outpatient programs and recovery support services are invaluable allies for women on the path to recovery from substance use disorder. These programs offer a personalized touch, creating a strong support network to help these remarkable women navigate life's challenges while working towards sobriety. 

At Nexus, certified Recovery Support Peer Specialists (individuals with at least two years of personal recovery experience) play a vital role in this journey. They provide not only their wisdom but also their unwavering support, guiding women as they transition from residential treatment. These specialists remain a constant presence throughout a Nexus client's journey, offering practical guidance, educational resources, assistance in finding employment and securing supportive housing, and serving as a bridge to the Nexus recovery community. This community becomes a source of ongoing support, allowing women to focus on maintaining their sobriety amid the daily demands of life.


We serve as a community of hope and recovery for all women and their families who strive to live healthy, resilient lives.


Substance Use treatment programs are lifelines for individuals battling addiction, offering hope, healing, and a chance at a brighter future. However, these vital programs require significant financial support to continue saving lives and rebuilding communities.

Your donation will make a meaningful impact, ensuring that Nexus Recovery center has the resources needed to continue providing essential services, support, and guidance to the community that we serve.

Together, we can help individuals on their journey to recovery and create a healthier, more resilient society. Please consider contributing today and being a part of this crucial mission. Your generosity can make all the difference.

Equity Statement

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are important, interdependent components of everyday life at Nexus Recovery Center, and are critical to our pursuit of serving as a community of hope and sobriety for all women and their families who strive to live, healthy resilient lives.

At Nexus, we embrace differences and foster a culture of mutual respect and equity. We provide opportunity and access to all by creating and sustaining a climate where everyone feels valued, respected, supported, and inspired to share their unique perspectives and experiences and thrive.

To be an inclusive recovery center is to respect and show compassion and integrity to everyone, including valuing differences, and acknowledging the impact these differences make to produce innovative solutions for the community we serve.

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