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I want to tell you a story. A sad story about a man who felt he was losing everything. His love for his wife and his horses made him feel they would be better off without him. He was in his 60s, lost his job and his house was being foreclosed on. He contacted me and asked if I would come visit him to meet his horses. Although confused I went and spent time with the twins. He asked me if anything happened to him would my Sanctuary take the them. I agreed, but asked are you ill? Can I help? He said taking the horses and keeping them together forever was all he needed. 

A few weeks later I was called to come pick up the horses. I was shocked but loaded up and headed to his house. 

There was so many people there. I asked what's going on? I was told he had dinner with his wife kissed her and told her he loved her said he was gonna do some work in the barn. He went to the barn and put his gun in his mouth. His life insurance was past the period that it would pay on suicide. He took care of his wife by dying. 

His wife ran up to me and asked if I knew. I said no I was a Sanctuary for horses. Basically a stranger. 

That was 12ish year's ago. I kept them together. I lost one of the twins in December 2022. The other moped around barely ate no matter how hard we tried. She finally laid down Saturday and with her head in the lap of the man who watches over them... Well, she died of a broken heart. We were grief-stricken. There are no words to explain how devastated we were. 

The saddest thing is that we had no one to call to tell the sad news. No one cares anymore. The world has lost the ability to feel. We struggle to care for all these mustangs and a few domestic ones.  Our Sanctuary can barely get donations anymore. 

We cared that those twins lived a good life. They were fun and loving. We are so glad we got the time we had with them. We seem to be alone but cared that they died. People say "why are you so upset it is just a horse" They are buried next to each other. Such a sad story I'm crying right now. I kept my word like I will do with all the horses at Shawnee Trail Wild Horse Sanvtuary. 

The drought, inflation, and the Pandemic have been scary times for the us our funds have run dry.

We need to raise $20,000. Our herds need hay, grain, and water. The drought has past for now but will return in the summer. It always does. Our stock ponds our full. It is great. The ponds don't only support our horses they support deer, raccoons, rabbits, bobcats, squirrels, and all North Texas wildlife in our area depend on our ponds as a water source. So many have died through the high temperatures of 107°. Bobcats sound scary but Mustangs have no fear of them and a Bobcat is smart enough to stay away from a dominant wild Mustang.

We try to help horse owners keep their horses by supplying hay to help them through these tough times. Your donations help so much and the horses appreciate it more than you know. God Bless







Our Needs


Shawnee Trail Wild Mustang Sanctuary, formerly Horses Lives Matter, has continued through the most challenging years. 

Hay is $29 a small bale if we can find it, in most places. Grain has risen. I cannot give up. God has handed us major obstacles we keep moving. If we give up the Mustangs could end up in slaughter. That will never happen.

With the state of the economy, we have had few donations. We must raise $5000 just to keep the water and hay rolling in.

Drought across Texas worsens with no rainfall in sight Texas Crop and Weather Report – Sept. 6, 2023

Giving Activity


Shawnee Trail Wild Mustang Sanctuary, formerly, Horses Lives Matter Equine Sanctuary 501c3 is committed to using our expertise and resources to achieve our cause of protecting our national heritage, the wild Mustang.

We are extremely small but our reach is broad.

I was a battered a battered woman. I have added a program for abused women in shelters. We are supplying make-up to them. This will help over all for job interviews as well as increase their self-esteem. I hope to create my own brand created just for these ladies.

Our yearly budget is $25,000. We pay $125 Per Mustang from the Bureau of Land Management to save these horses from slaughter. Once they are at our Sanctuary they are released into 1000 acres.

We keep them as free as we can. The purchase is just the beginning.

The donations buy hay, grain, wormers, medical needs, other items needed to care for each horse. It cost $250 a month to care for them. Our goal is to keep each horse in its home.

It also helps us purchase make-up although most is donated.

For the last two years, we have focused on caring for the herd we have due to the many challenges.

Donors are spread so thin and we understand. We appreciate any amount you can spare. God bless all.


>60 Foot Round pen.

>Large industrial fan to cool barn

>Trailer painted

Equity Statement

Diversity, equity, and inclusion in everything we do are intertwined into the programs, and future of our non-profit. We are founded and operated by disabled women. We don't discriminate and never will. Helping horses and abused women is our goal.

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Shawnee Trail Wild Mustang Sanctuary 501c3

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Equity Statement


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