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Lone Star Justice Alliance (LSJA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit legal organization with offices in Austin, and Dallas, Texas. Since its launch in 2017, LSJA has been committed to systemic change in the broken and flawed justice system for youth and emerging adults.

LSJA’s far reaching and unwavering voice of change extends from local communities and our youth partners to the halls of the Texas State Legislature. From local courtrooms to the highest court in the land, LSJA seeks to create the path for a more equitable and humane justice system for youth and emerging adults in Texas and across the country.

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To boldly address systemic failures in the justice system through advocacy and innovative evidence-based programs that improve life outcomes for youth and emerging adults.


Expand the JustCareers program to provide more pathways to social and economic mobility for Opportunity Youth

Justice-involved Opportunity Youth (JOY) ReEngagaement Center—In partnership with the Aspen Institute’s Opportunity Youth Forum, LSJA will launch a reengagement center in Dallas focusing on justice-involved opportunity youth to connect JOYs to employment and education opportunities

Reserve Fund— Having the ability to braid funding is critical for driving systems change. Establishing a reserve fund will expand LSJA’s capacity to access additional funding sources that operate on a reimbursable basis. Help us grow our reserve fund so that we can expand our efforts to Transform Justice and Transform Lives!

Support for Survivors— We represent clients, many of whom are young women, who were convicted of crimes that arose out of their own victimization from human and sex-trafficking and intimate partner violence. When our clients return home, they need gap housing, mental health and other social services supports until they are stable and permanent support services are established. Help stand in the gap by donating TODAY!

Equity Statement

Justice is often defined by words like equality and fairness. But the way most people enter the criminal legal system and the treatment they receive is all but just. Systemic racism has tilted the scales of justice against communities of color. This imbalance demands acknowledgement and reckoning of a system that has advantaged some and disadvantaged others.

Since inception, the Lone Star Justice Alliance has challenged the inequities that disproportionately impact people of color in the legal system. Data shows that in the United States, Black and Latinx populations are overrepresented in the prison population. While all human lives should be valued, our country’s history and current policies produce outcomes that tell us they are not.

To effectively drive system change, racial equity is integrated into the fabric of our organization as well as our theory of change.

We are committed to challenging the policies and practices that produce disparate outcomes to establish a system where each person can receive equal justice under the law.

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Equity Statement


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