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5201 South Colony Boulevard, Suite 545
The Colony, TX 75056
Phone Number:
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We provide meals, new socks, toiletries, and much needed connections to community resources. We consistently visit the same places, building relationships that allow us to help people in ways beyond their immediate needs. We are able to leverage our close relationships with our homeless friends into person-to-person referrals to our social service partners in organizations across the metroplex. These referrals include services for: healthcare, housing, job assistance, addiction recovery, mental health care, and veteran services. For people with addiction problems, we have recovery coaches on staff that can walk with them through the process of beating their addiction.

In 2017 alone, we made contact with over 18,000 people, all with the goal of offering hope and the resources to those in need. Metro Relief is changing the inner cities of Dallas and Ft. Worth by transforming the lives of the homeless. This change can begin with you and your choice to give on NTX GIVING DAY 2018.
From a homeless woman in Dallas: "Due to alcoholism, I took what was a repeatedly successful career and life and eventually destroyed it all. My family doesn't want me around and at 50 years of age, I found myself homeless with nowhere to go. It was a truly terrifying awakening. I had no concept of where I was or who I would encounter. I have met some of the best and some of the worst people I could possibly meet. I have been attacked, beaten, drugged, and abused in the time I have been out on the streets. But I learned some important things while homeless, too. I learned that the people on the streets are not "those people" I am "those people" now, and we are people just like everyone else. We are people with individual faces, individual hearts, individual lives, and individual circumstances. Most of us are lovely people who have made poor choices or gotten wrapped up in bad experiences. Some have lost it out here, and some never had it to begin with, but we all matter and we all need help."

From a young mother who struggled with addiction: I know you don't know me but I hope you can take what I'm saying and use it for the better. I don't really know your situation but I know 3 years ago I took the hardest but best step of my life and went to rehab. I had no family and no real friends. I had just had a baby which was taken from me, and I was out on the streets. Metro Relief changed that for me. They were and still are the family I never had. While in rehab, I met a lot of really awesome people and was able to learn to have faith in God. My getting sober helps my family. My daughter's father to got sober as well, and now we are happy family. Going through what I went through has made me who I am today and I wouldn't change it for the world. Just keep moving forward and it will get better. You have a lot of people at Metro Relief who will love and care about you. Getting off the streets and getting sober takes time. You will hit bumps in the road but it's definitely worth it."
$10,000.00 provided by Family of Jesse Jordan