Be a Fundraiser

Be a Super Fan and Create a FUNdraising Page Today!

Peer-to-peer fundraising pages are open! As a supporter, friend, and/or super fan, you can create a FUNdraising page and help make your favorite nonprofit a North Texas Giving Day success.

This exciting new feature allows you to highlight the organizations closest to your heart while promoting their campaigns and helping them reach their fundraising goals.  With your personal FUNdraising pages, you can make North Texas Giving Day even bigger; helping raise more dollars and touching more lives during this 18-hour giving extravaganza! 

To create your page:

  1. Using this search option, find your favorite nonprofit organization.
  2. On the nonprofit's overview page, click Create a FUNdraising page.
  3. Follow the prompts to create your personal FUNdraising page and share with your networks!

Here’s your chance to show the world why they should get up and give! 


Download the FUNdraising Toolkit