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Burleson, TX 76097
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Your support brings us closer to living in a world that is inclusive to those with disabilities. There are an estimated 2,962,000 people with disabilities in the state of Texas, or 14.5% of the population over the age of five. Approximately 579,000 people, or 2.8% of the state's population, experience difficulties with activities of daily living, to include bathing, dressing, or moving around inside their homes. Horses are a powerful tool to independence!

Wings of Hope's mission is to provide equine assisted activities for children and adults with unique physical, mental and emotional challenges. For over 20 years Wings of Hope has served as a beacon of hope for individuals with disabilities across the DFW Metroplex. We serve as an advocate of inclusion for those who face daily life with a disability.

So often those impacted by our mission find that they do not have an outlet that allows them to be comfortable and confident with their disability. Frequently, individuals with disabilities state that life can revolve around a diagnosis, the label, and stigma that comes with it. Living in exclusion, is not a livelihood any person or family should have to endure. Time after time we hear stories of how they are not able to play a team sport, they are not invited to birthday parties or included in typical childhood or adult peer networks.

Imagine the empowerment an individual with disabilities has when they form a partnership with a horse! The physical strength obtained, cognitive gateways that are improved and the emotional confidence that is received through the power of a horse is remarkable, especially for an individual who has experienced isolation and exclusion through their disability.
Often so many of those we serve are not able to participate with their peers in average day to day tasks and activities.

Frequently those in our barn never experience the movement of a natural gait or maintain freedom from adaptive equipment except for when they are on horseback.

Many times, those we serve do not have the confidence or realization of their abilities until they experience the power and partnership of a horse.