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2603 Inwood Rd
Dallas, TX 75235
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WiNGS has been walking alongside women since 1908, constantly evolving to meet women's changing needs. Today, WiNGS is a community of women helping women overcome poverty by taking charge of thei futures as members seeking services, or giving back to others as mentors, coaches and advocates. Our mission: empower women, fight poverty and impact generations. Through a tailored suite of innovative services, women build confidence and skills on their path to a new life as they grow small businesses, start families or work toward financial security.
Angelica found out she was pregnant at age 13. She felt hopeless and wanted to give up, but knew she wanted to keep the baby. Her doctor recommended WiNGS Nurse-Family Partnership program where she met her nurse, Holly. The two soon developed a special bond that helped Angelica prepare for motherhood.

Holly taught Angelica everything she needed to know about her baby, but she also challenged Angelica to believe in herself. "Holly helped me feel like I could take control and become somebody. She made me believe that it would get better and I could overcome the challenge."

They met over 60 times throughout Angelica's delivery and the first two years of her son's life. Angelica says the experience helped her become accountable. "I was part of a relationship with my nurse and I had to work on it, too. I had to meet the goals for each visit."

Angelica graduated from high school early and got her Associates Degree in Nursing from El Centro College. At age 22, she is a nurse in Baylor Dallas' pulmonary unit and attending UTA to get her Bachelor's degree in nursing. She hopes to work in the emergency room.