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Dallas, TX 75214
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The Conservancy has lead the charge in many improvement projects around White Rock Lake including the recent renovation of the pavilion at the Stone Tables which is rented out for parties throughout the year. The stone tables and surrounding areas are being renovated so that even more people can enjoy the area for years to come. The White Rock Lake Conservancy has also donated funds to the renovated dog park, bicycles for Dallas Police patrolling the lake, new and improved signage around the lake and east side trail reconstruction. These improvements at White Rock Lake Park make the area easier and safer to use for the 2 million+ people that enjoy the park each year.
"I've been on the board and donated to White Rock Lake Conservancy for over 7 years and have helped design the renovation of the stone tables area. I am proud to partner with the city to help maintain White Rock Lake Park and work to make their master plan for the park come to fruition. Our work will never finish as over 2 million people visit the park each year but we will continue to tackle each project that the City Park Dept. deems vital to the prosperity of the lake. Please help White Rock Lake Conservancy keep this jewel in the park system a beautiful place to visit for generations to come." - Mark Hoesterey, AIA, SHM Architects

"We are excited to be able to bring back to life the beautiful spring-fed lily pond that has been forgotten for years. We anticipate an overlook easily seen from the road to be used by all White Rock Lake visitors to enjoy the beautiful lily pond and natural foliage." - Theresa Gappa, WRLC Board Member and Peninsula Resident

"As a resident that lives near the lake and benefits from it's natural beauty I feel it's important to give back to the lake. Being on the board of White Rock Lake Conservancy and helping raise funds that go directly to renovation projects at the lake helps me feel like I'm doing my part in keeping this natural treasure safe, clean and beautiful for my family and future Dallas families." - Alyson Dufilho, WRLC Board Member and Green Cove Estates Resident