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1405 Woodlawn
Dallas, TX 75208
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VideoFest ( is now the oldest and largest video festival in the United States and continues to garner critical and popular acclaim. VideoFest prides itself on bringing films to the theater that are rarely available to be seen anywhere else. Films like Experimental/Art Films through its Dallas Medianale, Animation, Narrative and Documentary Shorts, as well as Documentary and Narrative Features and some hard-to-find Classic TV episodes and Classic as well as Silent Films are often in the mix.

That first event, which included two nights of video by selected local and national video artists, was a great popular success, which led to the founding of the Dallas Video Festival (DVF) in 1987. Dallas VideoFest also presents the 24-Hour Video Race, North Texas Universities Film Festival, Dallas Medianale, Three Star Cinema, and other programs throughout the year.
The Dallas VideoFest is not just a great festival, it is one of Dallas's most vital and fundamental cultural institutions. Through his imagination, vision and versatile approach to film, Bart Weiss has created a film festival that continually pushes the frontiers of the form, asking questions, never settling for the trite or the populist programming. It is not just a joy but a unique honor to have my film selected by this amazing festival. And I am indebted to the dedicated and always attentive group of volunteers. There is throughout the festival a sense of belonging, of being part of a wonderful film family. This year, Bart once again challenged the form - this time, the form of the film festival itself - by separating the festival into different time blocks, one for documentaries and another for fiction (with a specific theme related to the intersection of film and TV). This works perfectly and allows filmmakers the unique opportunity to screen their films when no other films are showing and equally to allow the audience to watch everything. I strongly endorse this approach.- Kevin Nash