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503 Bolivar
Denton, TX 76201
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From the grand opening in 2012 to the present, UTH's reach has grown exponentially, but primarily through extensive generosity of dedicated volunteers. Dr. Harrier donates 40 plus hours a week to overseeing UTH's programs and various volunteers. Last year alone 71 committed volunteers (comprised of graduate, undergraduate, high school, and non-school) provide over 28,000 volunteer hours a year directly to supporting UTH's weekly programs and family counseling services. UTH currently has two locations (one in Frisco and one in Denton), 19 programs serving ages 3-26, and serves over 300 individuals a week. Quite an accomplishment in 6 years!

Our members have gone on to build many relationships, often making friends and feeling like they fit in for the first time. Many have graduated and are now attending vocational programs and also college courses. Those that have reached high school or young adult age have secured entry level jobs and are able to hold their job placements. Those that stay in our programs for at least a year grow in independence, personal motivation and accountability, and learn to demonstrate coping skills needed to move forward in relationships.
Thank you for the Teen programs for my middle school son. He has made so many friendships while in your programs and looks forward to coming to every event. His self-esteem and maturity has grown so much in the two years he has been in your programs. He attends school dances, has kids over and arranges playdates, and texts and talks to his friends all the time! He has a real social life-not just sitting around playing video games all day. ---Mother of 13 yr old teen in UTH programs

Our daughter has been in the programs for many years and they have been instrumental in her social growth. My daughter has severe autism but can be around typical kids and be accepted and included. She makes eye contact, tries to show others what she likes, and is happy when she is around others, She is able to go out to restaurants, festivals, birthday parties, etc. and is engaging. She is now doing equestrian activities and is winning awards! ---Mother of a 12 yr old teen in UTH programs

Our son has since graduated from high school and is now attending a 4 year university. He is working on computers and making films and editing. From the social programs at UTH he was able to achieve these goals because he can cope with disappointment and lack of routine. He is involved and holds a job and drives! All things I wondered as a mother if he would have been able to do when he was younger and before starting at UTH. UTH programs made this possible for my son and I am grateful. -----Mother of a young adult previously in UTH programs.

As a mother of a Preschooler it is hard to know what is age appropriate and it's even harder when they have a disability. I appreciate the guidance I receive from the therapists at UTH. They are always honest and helpful. They are supportive in so many ways and make themselves available even outside therapy hours if I have a question. My son is now talking and beginning to play better with others his age. I also feel more sure as a parent of what I can do to help and what my child is capable of. ----Mother of 4 yr old Preschooler