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320 Custer Road
Richardson, TX 75080
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Fifty years ago, very few resources existed for parents of disabled children in Dallas County. With nowhere to turn for community-based services or help, families lacked support and their children had limited options in life. The Warren Center was created in 1968 and for decades, we have provided much-needed resources and care to children with disabilities and their families. Grassroots efforts and proven successes paved the way for an increase in community and parental awareness. As our organization experienced growth, we began adapting our programs to meet the changing needs of families. Over the years, The Warren Center has given parents access to the resources their children needed, and more
importantly, hope and support. We have had the privilege of serving over 16,500 families since we created a legacy those years ago and it is a legacy that we will celebrate in 2018.


We help children to reach their developmental goals through individualized therapy-based care and equip parents through monthly education workshops and support groups so they can be a confident advocate for their child.

- Early Childhood Intervention (ECI): Serving over 900 each month, this program provides evaluations an personalized therapy sessions to children from birth to three years of age
and includes occupational and physical therapy, speech and language therapy, feeding and nutrition therapy, developmental therapy, and transition assistance to additional

- The Warren Center Clinic Therapy Services: This program served 163 children last fiscal year. We enroll children aged three to five, and continues to serve them as they get older.
Our licensed speech-language pathologists, occupational therapist and physical therapist focus on communication, social, sensory, an motor/ coordination skills utilizing our
sensory gym, outdoor therapy yard, motor room, small therapy rooms and group classroom.

We also help parents whose children are in a program with family education and support services (monthly education workshops and support groups, plus guidance with other needed services and resources).


The Warren Center has a service area of 48 zip codes including Addison, Carrollton, Coppell, Farmers Branch, Garland, Irving, Lake Highlands, Lakewood, North Dallas, Park Cities, Richardson, Rowlett, Sachse, and Wylie. We have three office locations in Richardson, Garland, and Carrollton. We make referrals to any family who needs help regardless of their city of residence. Our clients are 40% Hispanic, 18% African American, 32% Caucasian and 10% other ethnicities. Majority (60%) of the children we serve gain access to our services through their Medicaid benefits (children living in a four-person household qualify for Medicaid if their family earns less than $33,468 annually).
"My son Alex has been diagnosed with autism. At the beginning my family and I didn't know where to turn for help. We searched online and found The Warren Center. Now he has confidence and interacts with people. He says more words every day, all thanks to his speech therapist. Thank you for having such an amazing staff." - Alex's mom

"Dylan was also diagnosed with two rare conditions: X-linked Chondrodysplasia Punctata 1 (CDPX1) and Beals. When Dylan was a baby, I would cry quite a bit. The Warren Center was there on the good days and bad. Having a team coming in and giving me a path, helped me focus. Whatever his potential is, that's what I want." - Dylan's mom

"Elias has improved a lot and now others besides his family can understand what he's saying and he can even pronounce his tricky first and last names perfectly. We are so grateful for The Warren Center. It's nice to have such a great resource right in our community and everyone at The Warren Center has been so helpful and so caring." - Elias' mom