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P.O. Box 26
Ennis, TX 75120
Phone Number:
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Theatre Rocks! is a "large" theater in a small city (population 20,000-ish) thirty minutes from Dallas, Texas. "Large" because even though we have an intimate space for our performances, we do "large" things like producing Cat on a Hot Tin Roof by Tennessee Williams, The Lion in Winter by James Goldman and Sam Shepard's True West. We are also "large" in creativity and talent. Our actors, some working in theatre and broadcast professionally, come from all over the DFW metroplex. We are also developing and presenting our own original product with world premieres; in February of 2019 our fifth original work will open. That's not counting several new adaptations of shows like A Christmas Carol, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty. This is top-notch material that our patrons keep coming back for. We also have a large heart that gives back to our community. That's Theatre Rocks!
"I love watching theatre, and this place is excellent! A-List actors and wonderful plays. If you haven't been here, you're missing out." -Kimberly M.

"The shows are amazing... Love this theatre." Connie G. L.

"Talented folks, great shows, and truly independent art." -Paul P.

"We enthusiastically reccommend an evening at Theatre Rocks!" Raymond C.

"Up close and personal theatre with great individual performances. A great night of entertainment." -Jenny V.

"...The set is great, the acting superb, and the story is perfectly written. I think I'll come back and see it again... maybe twice." -Norma E.

"Great actors. Great atmosphere. Always." Jenny V.

"Very great show." Brian R.

"The talented actors were amazing." Andrea G.

"Love the show, cast, and crew." Charles F.

"Fun time, talented actors, and good crowd to mingle with." -Fuzzy B.

"Nice place to see theatre arts at work." Charles M.