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320 Decker Drive Suite 100
Irving, TX 75062
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Texas NF provides a Clinic Liaison at Children's Health Dallas, UTSW Medical Center and Cook Children's Hospital at no cost to the medical facilities and patients. Because the initial diagnosis or advancement of the disorder often leads to many questions and concerns, the Liaison is available to give patients and families additional time to offer more information, comfort and recommendations to community resources & social services. The Liaison allows the physicians to keep on schedule and maximize his/her services; providing the patients with the extra attention needed.

We also collaborate with each of the hospitals and provide quarterly support group meetings for patients. Patients develop supportive relationships, discuss relevant issues and build self-confidence.

The annual Family camp provides a safe haven for those living with NF where their disfigurement or physical challenges are understood and accepted. It provides an opportunity to build self-esteem and establish social connections. The ultimate goal is to provide a retreat from the daily challenges and restrictions of NF and to strengthen self-confidence and build independence.
"Our daughter was officially diagnosed with NF at age three. The wonderful people at Texas NF were there the day she was diagnosed and have been there ever since. NF brings uncertainty; Texas NF helps patients and families navigate the path ahead with support groups, activities and love. They provide connections with other NF families facing the same struggles and support during times of crisis. From spreading awareness, lobbying for federal research funds, to patient activities; Texas NF helps patients to feel special and empowered."
Parent of NF Patient

"I have been to this camp at least 7-8 times. There is so much fun to have but most of all it has been such a great support system for those of us who have Neurofibromatosis and for family and friends too. It gives us the opportunity to be in a group of people who understand one another. A time to have fun and be who we are without judgment and funny looks! A time to feel loved and accepted. A time to be a community who are real and not fake. A time to come together and cry and laugh. I can't wait to see my 'old' friends and meet new ones!"
Adult NF Patient