Helping Texas CARES and cats like Webbie.

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Raising funds to help support the cats of Texas CARES in honor of my sweet girl, Webbie.


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   When I met Webbie, she was a cranky old gal with missing teeth and a heart murmur.  She absolutely hated being at the adoption center and made sure everybody knew it.  Black cats can be hard to adopt anyway, but due to her age and attitude, she never got a single application.  I'm glad she didn't because I was lucky enough to adopt Webbie myself!  When I was was fostering her in my home, I saw how happy she was and decided this girl never needed to see the inside of a cage again.  

   Originally thought not to like other cats, she made herself at home immediately with the rest of the cats in my home.  Over the years, she turned into the sweetest of lap cats and was as kind, gentle and ladylike as a cat could be.  She even made the trip from Texas to California with me and became a Hollywood kitty!  We went for stroller rides in our new fancy neighborhood and she even became friends with her new roommate, Reau the black lab.  

   Webbie's health was up and down over the years and there were several times I thought she was done.  That little gal was a fighter though and she put up with shots, pills, bloodwork, weekly fluids, you name it, in order to keep going.  Eventually, it was clear that as much as her spirit was willing to keep going, her little body was tired.  She was very thin and fragile and I didn't want her to be in any more pain so I let her peacefully cross over.  

   I miss her every day and am fundraising for Texas CARES so they can help more cats like Webbie.  They took in an old, black cat with health problems, one that was unadaptable to many, because they knew her life mattered as much as the cutest little kitten.  I will always be thankful that I was able to meet Webbie through Texas CARES and give her the forever home she deserved. 

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