The Salvation Army of Garland

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A nonprofit fundraiser supporting

The Salvation Army of North Texas
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Every dollar raised will support the initiatives of The Salvation Army of Garland.


raised by 9 people

$2,000 goal

Sergeant Bernard Tolan

451 West Avenue D.

Garland, TX 75040

Phone: (972) 272-4531

Year-round Services

Food Pantry: Tuesday-Friday by appointment *Call 972-272-4531 ext. 78425

Fresh Food: 10-11:30AM

Utilities Assistance: Tuesday-Friday by appointment *Call 214-637-8207 

Rental Assistance: Tuesday-Friday by appointment *Call 214-637-8204 or 214-637-8206

Seasonal Services

Cooling Station: Monday-Friday from 11AM-5PM *Anytime the heat index reaches 100 degrees and above

Ministry Services

Worship: Sunday at 11AM

Sunday School: Sunday at 9:45AM

Bible Study: Wednesday at 6:30PM

For more information visit -

Make a hands-on impact and volunteer with your neighborhood Salvation Army! See our volunteer opportunities and sign up at the link below.    

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