Robbie’s Story – from hopeless to hopeful!

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Cute pic of Bear!

Update posted 6 years ago

So sorry! Forgot to include a cute recent pic of Bear and one of the foster pups his adopter has at her house....check out Cozette and Bear's big face watching over her! He takes special care of her and her sibling and handles all the sibling rivalry according to his mom. Such a happy ending to a story that started out tough for this boy. Sad Robbie is now happy and content Bear. We want this for every animal who needs a break!

Meet Robbie. Estimated to be five years old, his graying muzzle speaks to what we imagine has been a life filled with tough and traumatic times. And, while we don’t know all of the sad details, we are sharing his story to celebrate his survival in the worst of times and raise funds to support this special dog’s journey to the best of times. 

Robbie’s story is not unusual in the world of animal rescue. He was picked up as a stray, roaming the streets in search of food and warmth and ended up in a local animal shelter where being a bully breed mix spelled certain death for him.  You can see from his before picture that life had been cruel. Things seemed pretty hopeless, but this dog’s calm and trusting temperament and squishy face won the hearts of the shelter employees who quickly went to work finding a rescue willing to take him into their program. That’s where Robbie’s hopeful story begins with Richardson Humane Society raising a paw to help.  

As with many rescue dogs whose pre-rescue past has been less than ideal, once with RHS, it was discovered that Robbie required a major GI surgery to save his life. Unfortunately, his medical bills were extraordinary and RHS spent in excess of $2500 to give this sweet dog the future he deserves. 

So, fast forward to now….Robbie is healthy and happy and shows no signs of any lingering medical concerns. He is happily living in a wonderful foster home where he gets along with everyone. He is ready for a forever home where love and cuddles and play will be his future! 

We are asking for your help with donations that will cover the unanticipated costs incurred when we stepped up to help Robbie. His story is just one example of what it takes to be a helper and create positive outcomes for dogs like him. Please, can we count on you? Robbie hopes so and so do the humans who love this boy and are helping him find his furever family.

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