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Hi, my name is Molly Moo and I need your help collecting donations for some surgery I had to have recently, I am reaching out to share my story and I am hoping you will help me raise funds for my rescuers at the Richardson Humane Society.

Here is my story. Last year was a tough and scary year for me. I was surrendered by my family to a local animal shelter through no fault of my own and I was super scared being at the shelter. It was my lucky day when the kind people at the Richardson Humane Society saw my plight and rescued me. I went to a great foster home and I am a happy girl for sure as you can see from my photos. Of course, I would be even happier to live out the rest of my life in a forever home with a kind adoptive family and I keep hoping that will happen for me....but I digress! 

Once rescued by RHS, I had to have two surgeries that were expensive but necessary. I had some noncancerous growths on my face, leg and hip that had to be removed and I also had surgery to correct laryngeal paralysis. This serious condition was making it hard for me to breathe and it was scary! 

The surgery permanently opened up my larynx to allow more air to get in so I breathe easy now. I won't bore you with the clinical aspects but suffice it to say I am in good shape with a rather unique and raspy bark....I have been told it is cute....and my new bark is a normal side effect of this type of surgery.

RHS did get some private donations upfront from kind and generous donors to cover about half of my vet bills which were more than $2000. I am reaching out to see if we can get some donations for the $1,000 we still have to cover. 

Will you help and donate? Even $10 helps. Sharing my story helps too...send the link to your family and friends and maybe they will donate. Thanks for any help.

Love and ruff, ruff - Molly Moo

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