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A nonprofit fundraiser supporting

Livada Orphan Care, Inc.
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Your donation assists orphans and at-risk Roma kids in Romania.


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$200,000 goal

Livada partners with local DFW-based churches, businesses, foundations, and individuals to help vulnerable children grow deep in the heart of Transylvania, Romania.

We now also serve Ukrainian refugees who need long-term and temporary assistance.

We create win-win situations where Dallas-based groups are able to serve this underserved population directly and indirectly through mission trips to Romania and service projects based in North Texas like "Family Pack" and "Run For Orphans." We provide scholarships for Romanian orphans who want to study in the USA and take their knowledge back to Romania to continue providing help for vulnerable orphans and vulnerable kids and families in the Roma (Gypsy) population.

Our Needs

We currently have 21 full-time Ukrainian refugees living in our guest houses. It costs $450 per refugee per month.

We have a trauma-informed care counseling center that needs to be finished on the inside. We have a budget breakdown available for the total $40,000 for the drywall, flooring, A/C, paint, etc.

Most of the Ukrainian refugees are women, children, elderly senior citizens, and medically fragile individuals.

We have just received a large grant from the EU to build a Community Center in a large Roma village. We need help providing expertise to agriculture and green house projects that will create self-sustaining support for this project.

We also need more North Texas-based churches, businesses, foundations, organizations, and individuals to partner with some of these projects that produce fruit on both sides of the ocean.

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