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Help HSNT care for vulnerable pets rescued from cruelty and neglect.


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HSNT has worked with cruelty and neglect cases since the formation of our organization in 1905. Although we are not a law enforcement agency, HSNT’s Cruelty Investigators are on standby to assist authorities with investigating and documenting reports of animal cruelty and neglect throughout North Texas and surrounding areas. In the past few years, we have focused our efforts to make a larger impact with more lives saved. 

At the heart of our work with cruelty investigations is the care for the animals themselves once they are rescued. Our objectives include first and foremost relieving the suffering of pets that come into our care. That is partly done by the rescue itself, but ultimately, with the medical treatment and staff care we provide. This is one of our greatest joys but also our greatest expenses.

In cruelty/neglect cases, care for the animal typically includes longer more complex and costly treatment protocols than our average pet intakes. Abused or neglected pets are often underweight or emaciated, and frequently suffer from parasites, skin disease, broken limbs or paralysis. Many pets have severe behavioral issues that might prevent adoption, which we also work to address with a separate team of specialists.

On average, HSNT’s cost of care is $500/cat and dog rescued from cruelty. This cost includes critical medical treatment, vaccines, heartworm treatment, spay/neuter surgery, dewormer, microchipping, and food as we prepare them for adoption. 

In 2022, HSNT saved 466 animals from cruelty and neglect. 

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