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Dallas 24 Hour Club
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NTXGD is a huge day for The 24 because it supports the critical needs of newly sober men and women.


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Hello Friends,

Dallas 24 Hour Club is there to help alcoholics and addicts that are experiencing homelessness 365 days a year.  Lives are changed and families are reunited due to the work that is done every day.  I checked in as a resident in 2012 and was cordially welcomed, even though I had burned every bridge in my life.  Tons of positive change has happened in my life since then, and as a staff member I have been able to see scores of men and women get started on the right path.  

If you are so led, please consider a donation to Dallas 24 Hour Club today, it will make a big difference in a person's life who needs and wants help!

Dallas 24 Hour Club provides transitional living, support services, and essential life skills for homeless alcoholics and addicts, so they can embrace long-term recovery and become contributing and self-supporting members of their community. Each year, Dallas 24 Hour Club helps over 600 people get off the streets, find employment, reconnect with family members, learn to live independently and recover from alcohol and drug addiction. Help us spread the word to potential donors and sponsors, as well as to individuals who may need our help. We always want those in need to know that we are here for them. Every dollar raised during North Texas Giving Day goes to the Residents of Dallas 24 Hour Club and Tillman House, so they can learn to live a life happy, joyous, and free.

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Dallas 24 Hour Club

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