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North Texas Giving Day runs through September 21, 2023. Every donation counts & helps us M.A.D.


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Since our inception in 2015, Toast for Charity has been on a mission to inspire and mobilize millennials to make a positive impact on our communities. We're not your average nonprofit – we're a dynamic group of Difference-Makers, change agents, influencers,  history makers, innovators, and culture enthusiasts.

Our focus? Empowering kids of color in south Dallas by providing vital resources and support. We believe in giving our time, talents, and funds to create lasting change, and we're proud to have a passionate community behind us.

Where do YOU come in? Our givers help make Toast for Charity a catalysts for change. Join us in this mission to pour into the youth and uplift our local community.

What's my connection? I recently joined the fundraising committee for Toast for Charity, and I've experienced firsthand the incredible impact we can make together. When I relocated to Dallas in 2017, I had the pleasure of attending various Toast for Charity fundraising events - including the annual Toy Drive, the Sneaker Ball, and even the Fat Tuesday/Mardi Gras fundraiser. Over the years, I've been able to mix and mingle with like-minded, successful millennials who know how to party with a purpose.

What drew me in was the fact that these events weren't JUST about having a good time; they were about making a real difference in the lives of kids. Not only have I formed lifelong friendships and valuable connections by attending these events, but I've also cherished the way we transform our social gatherings into tangible resources for children. It's more than just fun.

Consider making a donation today and be a part of something special. Let's raise our glasses to a brighter future for the youth of south Dallas!

Cheers to making a difference together! 🥂


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