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Update posted 6 years ago

Resending the latest update....there was a glitch of some sort and you only got a picture of Dorito and Cheeto. Sorry about that! They are settled in their foster home and foster mom got this adorable pic of Cheeto playing peek-a-boo behind his brother Dorito. Your generous donations allowed RHS to get them out of the shleter and on to a happy life. Thanks!

This is Cheeto. Want to be his champion and sponsor? Who doesn't love Cheetos? 

This sweet 10 week old kitten is currently waiting at a local rural animal shelter that does not have much space (even for a little bitty kitty like Cheeto) and the Richardson Humane Society is working to take him into the cat adoption program and move him to a foster home (already secured). Sponsors are needed to pledge support and donate to cover his vet visits, vaccinations, medications, neuter...everything he'll need to be adopted and be loved forever by his very own family.

Every penny of the donations that are collected for Cheeto will go to his care. Just think, if 15 people donated just $20, his sponsorship will be covered, if 30 people donated just $10, his sponsorship would be get the math!

Please consider being Cheeto's Champion. He needs us. Please share his story with everyone you know and spread the link far and wide....sharing is caring and spreading the word will get us to this fundraising goal quickly.

Cheeto says "Meow, meow." That's thank you in cat! 

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