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Meet my fosters, Wicket & Scruffy!


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Wicket and Scruffy are a bonded brother and sister looking for their forever home. These two babies are very special. They have cerebellar hypoplasia (CH), known as wobbly cat syndrome. CH happens when the kitten's brain does not finish growing and remains in an immature state  in the womb due to a viral infection in the mother cat. There are different "levels" of CH in kitties. Wicket is a lot more wobbly than her brother Scruffy. But make no mistake, Wicket gets around like a pro. CH is not contagious and they can play with other CH kitties with no problem. In fact, Wicket and Scruffy are in a home with several other kitties - of all ages and sizes - and they get along great! I know it will take some time for them to find their forever home, so funds on North Texas Giving Day will help fosters like me buy litter and food for these cuties until they do find that perfect home! Thank you!

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