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Sundae was abandonded in a dog park and mauled by 6 dogs and barely surviving.


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Sundae was abandoned in a dog park after hours.  The finder brought her home but did not separate her from her other dogs.  Later that evening she got up and walked into another room and startled the finders 6 other dogs who mauled her nearly to death.  She was rushed to the local ER vet and was hospitalized and received ICU care.  The finder was begging for a rescue to take her in to continue her care and we could not look the other way.  We contacted a rescue pilot who jumped into action and flew her to Fort Worth to get to our rescue partner vet.  She is hospitalized, on IV fluids and pain medications.  She had X-rays of her legs, chest and abdomen, bloodwork and is getting hydrotherapy 3 times per day.  All she has been through and she remains a total love bug.  We are optimistic she will make a full recovery.  Her medical bills are well over $4,000.00 so any help or community support we would be ever so gracious to receive.   

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