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Let's show how much readers and writers across North Texas value The Writer's Garret.

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For more than 25 years, The Writer's Garret has fostered a stronger sense of community in Dallas-Fort Worth via innovative — and often free — literary programming for youth and adults.

This year, I'm making a direct appeal to the region's writers and readers. I'm asking that you please help demonstrate just how impactful this organization has been by showing up in force on North Texas Giving Day. 

Although my fellow Board members and I would love to raise thousands of dollars to support programs such as The Common Language Project, Rail Writers, Inner Moonlight, and Dallas Is Lit!, I would like to encourage as many small donations as possible. 

If everyone in North Texas who has ever:

  • attended a reading, class, author talk, Stone Soup Peer Critique Group, or other event sponsored by The Writer's Garret,
  • read a story, poem, or essay published by The Writer's Garret in print or online,
  • or been a parent or guardian of a child who has learned from one of organization's Teaching Artists

would make a gift of between $5 and $10, that act would make a huge difference. The larger, more diverse, and more representative the organization's donor base, the more opportunities it will enjoy to secure funding from government agencies, foundations, and corporations.

Thank you for generously demonstrating how many people The Writer's Garret has connected through the power of language!

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The Writer's Garret

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