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Update Our HF Portable Gear To Latest Industry Standards


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RWK currently has 3 HF rigs that are used for Emergency Communication, Field Day / Winter Field Day and various POTA events.  Our current inventory is a Kenwood TS-590S, an Icom IC-7300, and a Yaesu FT-450.  We try to stay somewhat brand-agnostic with one radio from each of the three big brands, so everyone has a chance to experience and operate their favorite brand radio.  It's also a perfect way to let new hams operate various radios in a RWK event setting, prior to purchasing for themselves.  

However, of the three radios, our FT-450 is the least used by far and some would say that it is way behind in terms of technology.  It does not lend itself to digital modes and only has rudimentary CAT control, so we rarely use it for Field Day or POTA activities.  

I think it's time for RWK to "update" the Yaesu leg of the RWK triad to a FT-DX10!

Why do it now?  North Texas Giving Day is an annual fundraising event run by The Communities Foundation of Texas.  The annual event is an easy way to bundle charitable donations to various beneficiaries.  In addition to the primary donations, we also get a percentage match from the CFT on all NTGD donations.  In effect, it's free money!

I'm asking for everyone that is able to please participate in North Texas Giving Day on Thursday September 21st, and include RWK as one of your beneficiaries.  Our goal is $750 to trade up to a Yaesu FT-DX10, and that's only 30 people giving $25 each!  We should be able to do that, and in plenty of time before the black Friday Yaesu sale! 

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