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1350 Manufacturing Ste 109
Dallas, TX 75207
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Stomping Ground Comedy Theater & Training Center is dedicated to enriching the community through comedy and is committed to Outreach, Inclusion, and Collaboration. Lead by a Creative Team of producers, performers, advocates, and instructors with over 100 years combined experience performing and teaching comedy at some of the best comedy training centers in the world, they hope to collaborate with the existing Dallas comedy community and community of artists to expand the comedic arts. Stomping Ground is also home to the groundbreaking Improv for Life program. Created in part by Licensed Professional Counselor, this program uses improv comedy to enrich the lives of those in the community with unique needs, including autism, anxiety, brain injury, Alzheimer's and dementia, and caregivers of those with Alzheimer's and dementia.
The skills I learned in the caregiver course at Stomping Ground are skills I can apply in everyday situations. During the lessons I could see how I could use these techniques with my child, also. Or just anyone, really. The lessons throughout the day were enjoyable and fun, not like sitting through a lecture. Interaction with others going through he same thing you are is great, helpful and therapeutic.
Student- Improv for Caregivers

Improv for Anxiety is an awesome class for anyone who wants to learn more about tactics for calming anxiety and explore using improv as one way to tackle social situations that before seemed way too scary! I walked away from the class amazed at having just done improv, which had always intimidated me, and confident that I now have a new and lighthearted way to calm my anxiety. Most unexpected-taking this class was a ton of fun and enjoyable!! Lindsey and Andrea are truly amazing people who made me feel comfortable to push myself to try improv after years of thinking it was the scariest thing on earth.
-Elizabeth J

Absolutely loved the training provided and am excited to use the communication tools and breathing techniques from the session in real-life situations I encounter.
- Andrea G.

I've performed improv for many years with several groups, but I never thought to apply the principles to dealing with a loved one. I found the class to be informative, yet relaxed and lighthearted. Though everyone in attendance is in the midst of dealing with serious caregiving challenges, the information we received and the exercises we were involved in were extremely helpful and brought about a new way to think outside the box when dealing with the difficult the changing personalities of our loved ones. In a nutshell, it gave me hope and new ways to cope with a sometimes hopeless-feeling situation.
Sherry E.

Everything taught in class was so easy to apply in the practices we did and I'm sure I will be thinking of what I learned next time I'm feeling anxious about a social event I'm attending. Very awesome stuff!
Beatriz C.

"Stomping Ground's Improv for Life program is innovative in a way that will set the bar for applied improv programs across the country."
Tina Jaxling, Owner Bexar Stage San Antonio TX

"As a theatrical professional with twenty years of experience, an alumni of The Second City Directing Program, and a former Adjunct Faculty member in the Comedy Writing and Performance major at Columbia College Chicago, I'm hard-pressed to find anything that isn't overwhelmingly positive Stomping Ground Comedy. If my work had brought me to Dallas, there's no doubt my first choice of theater to work with, see shows at, or to take workshops at would be at Stomping Ground. Quality instruction and management is key in theater, and they exude that level of professionalism with tact and grace."
Keith Horvath, House Manager Coldtowne Theater Austin TX