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713 S. Travis St.
Sherman, TX 75090
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We, the faculty and staff of St. Mary's Catholic School, believe that the Catholic school provides a unique form of education to the students it serves. We believe that we can only achieve these goals with the full cooperation of the parents. We encourage our students to put forth his/her best efforts at all times. In order that each student may work to his or her fullest potential, we provide a comfortable and safe environment. St. Mary's School provides an academic environment in which students can develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values necessary for a productive Catholic Christian life.
We strive to help all students who leave our school to be: Individuals Who Model Christ, Diligent Lifelong Learners, Active Individuals, and Responsible Citizens.
"Why do we send our child to St. Mary's School?

When our daughter finally was about to start school we realized that we did not want her to go to public school with all the issues there happening in today's age. I had never thought that I would be sending my child to a private school either for I was never brought up in the private school era nor had I sent my first son to a private school. He went to public school as did everyone else in the family on her father's side. She is the first to go to a private school in the family.
We did a tour through the school and it was then and there that I decided it was the school she would be going to. I fell in love with the atmosphere and the overall feel the school. The small class rooms and just how I saw the way things were done while I was there for the short tour. Everything was very one on one and personal. She has loved school from day one and I would not change it for anything. She is excited each and everyday to go to school."

"The main reason I send my children to St Mary's School is because it has a Christ Centered Curriculum and has a principal and teachers who focus on our children not only to learn about Christ but teaches them how to apply Gods Word and live it."
-Kim Butterfield

"We send our children to St. Mary's School so they will grow up in a Catholic culture with proper formation of their consciences as God wills. Our hope is that when they get older, they will use these foundations and make proper choices as adults and become the person they were created to be. "
-Jim & Susan Brown