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P.O. Box 640
Forney, TX 75126
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Sharing the Love Foundation's core belief is that the youth are our future. We have a responsibility to provide them with strategies and skills to be successful socially-conscious citizens. We encourage our youth to be leaders within the organization, their schools, churches and communities. Our programs embrace youth involvement, the youth are given opportunities to assist in the organization's program design and implementation.

Our Young Ambassadors Program inspire our teens and college students to pursue their dreams and to be a positive impact in the lives of others. The program incorporates youth empowering youth. The Young Ambassadors are charged with the responsibility to be mentors to the children in the Youth Can program and to uplift and support their peers. They are facilitators of our Youth Can activities and projects, which includes the six-week summer enrichment program. The Young Ambassadors conduct monthly meetings to discuss the needs of their communities. They recruit other youth to participate in the program and community service projects. The community service projects include outreach efforts with hunger relief, children and senior citizen advocacy.

The program has proven to be successful. Our Young Ambassadors who help founded the program are now graduates from college and those who joined as Youth Can kids are eagerly entering into our Young Ambassador Program. Our Young Ambassadors Alumnus who are in universities and colleges throughout the U.S. remains active in our programs throughout the year. Their commitment and dedication to our programs have contributed to their desires to serve their college communities in leadership roles.

Exposing children to different cultures avails them to life's possibilities. The goal of our Youth Can and Young Ambassadors programs is to inspire generations of children, youth and young adults to strive to be the best that they can and to encourage their peers to do so as well. Our programs embrace confidence, self-worth, integrity, empathy, and compassion which helps build character.
"Sharing the Love Foundation made a huge impact on my life and continuously makes an impact on the lives of others. I experienced this foundation during my high school years. Not only did we help the community, but the organization greatly developed my recognition that service is everywhere and is very easy to get involved in. Secondly, it developed my confidence in my community project planning abilities because the group often gives it's Young Ambassadors great liberty to develop and implement real-life working plans to benefit others. Additionally, the foundation has driven my desire to continue to help others as I go into college and the rest of my life. It developed me in so many other ways as well, and I hope it lives on to help future generations of members and communities alike for a long time!"
- Courtney Hill, Duke University Student and Young Ambassador Alumni

"Sharing the Love Foundation helped shape me into the person I am today. I was a young ambassador throughout high school, and I met so many people that helped me grow and learn through the experiences that I had. I was able to gain leadership experience which has served me well. I also had a lot of fun and made lifelong friends."
-Hannah Menodza, Colorado State University Student and Young Ambassador Alumni

"What an amazing group of people with a shared belief and love for youth and the community that are unparalleled anywhere else!!"
-Cory McCaskey, Youth Can Summer Camp Parent
Forney, TX

"Sharing the Love has taught me to be a strong leader whether I am volunteering at an event or not. As a young ambassador, and now Vice President I am grateful for the opportunities that have been provided for me by being a part of this amazing organization."
-Adam Porterie, Student at Forney HS

"Our youth are our future. The Young Ambassador program guarantees a beautiful future!"
-Karen Jones, Sponsor
Terrell, TX

"My eight year old participated in the Youth Can Kids program for the first time this summer. He loved all the activities and field trips that were well thought out for them to do. He met other kids from all walks of life and cultures. I love that it is a faith-based program and that it teaches giving back and servanthood."
-Elle Melle, Youth Can Summer Camp Parent

"Sharing the Love is the best nonprofit I have ever heard of. Their desire is to share God's love and help other's by lifting them up and letting them know that God has an amazing purpose for their lives. God is leading the volunteers to serve anyone in need. Whether they need food or prayer, visiting senior citizens, summer kids camp and the list goes on and on. I am enjoying watching it grow. God Bless."
-Alicia Arnold
Cleburne, TX

"Sharing the Love Foundation is an Amazing organization! My daughter Brooke has been part of Young Ambassadors for over 6 years and I have watched her grow from a quite shy young woman to a strong outspoken young woman who does not shy away from people. I have been blessed to have been a part of the youth can camp and to watch the love and support from everyone to the kids who attend the camp. Thank you to Marian Stewart and the Sharing the Love Board for all you do!"
-Amy McCoy, Young Ambassador Parent