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2727 Choice Street
Dallas, TX 75215
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We have seen significant, positive changes in the lives of the women we serve. The women are forming friendships and establishing much needed support systems which will allow them to lean on each other in times of need whether it be childcare so she can go to work, a safe place to go if they are in a hostile situation, and the strength felt when the bonds of friendship take root. We have seen one of our women decide to complete high school and graduated in May as a direct result or the ongoing support and encouragement brought to her by Redeemed Women. We continue to provide much needed transportation to grocery stores, doctor appointments, job interviews, laundry mats, to the social security office, and really anywhere they need to go to accomplish a task that will better their lives and the lives of their families. We provide cleaning supplies, hygiene supplies, clothing, and other necessities when needed to help our women keep clean homes and practice healthy daily habits to help our women stay well and able to work, keep their children well and able to attend school, and all the other benefits of having a clean living environment. We also provide spiritual support through Bible Study, devotion time, and prayer.
"Jane" is a single mother of 2 small children living in Bonton neighborhood, South Dallas. When I met her she was very shut down and really didn't talk much. She did tell me that she did not have a high school diploma and because of that was turned down for a job in the community that she really wanted. I began to work with her and encourage her to take a giant step and finish high school. I also continued to help her with transportation needs and each time I was able to give her a ride anywhere, we would talk about her life and what she wanted. We began to set small, achievable goals. At one point, she called me and asked how to become a Christian. She became a Christian and she and her children began to attend church. Eventually, I would see her in the community and continued to pour into her and enourage her but I began to see her less frequently.

A few weeks ago she called me. She was overflowing with joy! She has taken that leap of faith we talked about over a year ago and went back to high school at 28 and got her high school diploma. Not a GED; but, a high school diploma! She wanted me to know that the continual encouragement and constant support she received form me and Redeemed Women gave her the courage she needed to take that step! She said that no one had ever believed in her like that and now she feels her dream of being independent and successful are within her reach. She is now eligible for the job she wanted two years ago and we will know soon if she got it! Jane is going to do great things and we are so blessed and honored to have been a part of her journey!!!