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Lewisville, TX 75067
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PediPlace is a non-profit pediatric healthcare practice for children from birth through eighteen years of age who are uninsured or who qualify for Medicaid or CHIP (Children's Health Insurance Program) benefits. PediPlace provides healthcare to over 6,500 children throughout North Texas where the need for primary pediatric care is significant. PediPlace is designated by the State of Texas as a site serving a medically underserved population. Through clinic locations in Lewisville and Dallas/Richardson, we ensure that children receive well preventive care, and those who are ill are diagnosed and treated early. PediPlace patients receive immunizations as recommended, treatment when needed, and follow-up case management services to help them remain healthy and strong.

Our Programs are Healthy Babies, Healthy Kids, Illness to Wellness, School Based Clinic, Parent Education, Family Care Fund, and Reach Out and Read. Our overall objective for each of our programs is to increase the general health of our client population through access to care and preventive care. Funds raised through North Texas Giving Day will benefit these Programs which allows us to make healthcare a reality for every kid!
*Matt Richardson, Denton County Director of Public Health stated, "Denton County Public Health is continually monitoring & fostering community partnerships to assist the underserved in our communities. Sadly, those most vulnerable include children in our county. PediPlace serves a vital role as a safety-net provider for children needing a medical home. The partnership of philanthropy, government & private pay structures has proven effective for PediPlace. Denton County enthusiastically supports continued stability for a community resource like no other-a caring, compassionate place for children to have a medical provider know them & help them grow."

*JB is a 6 year-old little boy that PediPlace has seen since he was 3 months old with his foster family. He was a premature infant of a drug dependent mother. We are one of the few medical practices in Denton County that accept Texas Medicaid Foster Care insurance. We had the privilege of being JB's healthcare provider until he was officially adopted by his foster family, and are further honored that they still choose PediPlace as his medical home even though they now could make other healthcare choices. JB has had a history of febrile seizures. He has not had any in several years, but recently seized at home. They went to the Emergency Room and were sent home with recommended precautions. Mom brought him to PediPlace for a follow up visit, and it was discovered that he had strep throat. For his seizures, PediPlace referred JB to neurology as he is now outside the normal age range for febrile seizures. Fortunately, JB is healthy, and the neurologist does not suspect any underlying abnormality. "JB's provider, Nurse Practitioner Janie and PediPlace, is the most amazing nurse EVER. I trust her before an ER doctor anyway. I love and trust my provider at PediPlace and that makes me feel so much better about what is going on." said JB's Foster Mother.

* Recently, a patient sent us an email letting us know how we made a difference in her life. Maria said:
"I am currently a pre-nursing student and would love to have the opportunity to volunteer at PediPlace. PediPlace is where I would go as a child and now my younger siblings go there. I would love the chance to volunteer since PediPlace helped my family in tough times and made them feel more at ease even if the reason why we were there was serious. PediPlace is really the reason why I decided to go into nursing and hope to work in pediatrics."