Thank you, North Texas!


Dollars Raised


Dollars Raised

Thank you!

$63.9 million was raised for North Texas nonprofits! North Texans, you have once again proven that the power of community is stronger when we come together! For the 15th year, we have rallied around the nonprofits in our community to uplift, support, volunteer, and donate so they may continue their vital work. From the NTX Giving Day team, thank you, truly. We hope you will continue to give with purpose year-round!

Thank you to our sponsors

Sponsors allow this event to be put on year after year. Their support for NTX Giving Day throughout the giving season shows a deep love and commitment to our community. Thank you to our sponsors for powering NTX Giving Day!

Nonprofit results and reports

Where can I find my donor report? How should I thank our givers? What are the next steps? If you're finding yourself asking these questions, we invite you to email us!

Thank you to our sponsors!

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