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$50,000 Goal

Human trafficking in America is a massive, complex problem. Survivors are often left with ineffective, shortsighted options when they make the decision to ask for help and exit their trafficking situation. A one-size-fits-all approach does not work. If we want to make long-term impacts in the field, we need to move forward steadily with innovation, intention, and collaboration.   

A Collaboration to Serve Sex-Trafficking Survivors

The wind whipped cruelly through the gas station pumps, and stinging rain pelted Janet Jensen's windshield. She watched the disturbing interaction between a man and a young woman in the parking lot with dread. As an advocate, she had seen—and even experienced—domestic violence before, but something about this was different. Janet learned the woman's name was Starla. She was the first victim of human trafficking Janet had encountered. Unable to help Starla that night, Janet drove home thinking about what she had seen and how she could help more women like Starla. In that moment, she determined she would learn more.

Across town, Amanda Pettit picked up Kayla on the side of the road. She was covered in bruises from her trafficker and was in desperate need of services. Amanda did what she could to help, but as she drove home that night, she knew that Kayla needed more specialized, immediate support than the local women's shelter could provide. In that moment, the idea for Rescue Hill's emergency beds was sparked.

Although they took place years apart, these moments ignited action in the hearts of two women who have been called to the fight against human trafficking. Today, The Jensen Project fuels strategic partnerships in the fight against sexual violence, and Rescue Hill advocates and provides direct services to human trafficking survivors through partnerships with law enforcement and emergency overnight beds.

About Starla House

“The Jensen Project has built a reputation for their leading-edge strategies, and Rescue Hill is honored to partner with them to work on a new approach to stabilization for survivors of human trafficking. Our on-going relationship with The Jensen Project has allowed us to innovate, take risks, and try new approaches as we built a safe space for survivors of human trafficking. At Starla House, women who have survived unthinkable acts of violence are given the space to pause, take a deep breath, and find hope for their future."  

—Amanda Pettit, Executive Director at Rescue Hill and Starla House

The Jensen Project, Inc., owns and operates a stabilization home, Starla House, with our nonprofit operating partner, Rescue Hill.  

Stabilization is designed to help survivors regain a sense of safety and control over their lives while they take a deep breath and figure out what to do next. Each survivor’s story is unique, and so is their path to stabilization. We believe stabilization is not a program - it’s a destination. 

At Starla House, each client is given a roadmap to stabilization in the form of their own Individual Care Plan (ICP). Through respite, relationship, and a personalized self-care ICP, clients can choose from a 30-day or 90-day stay at Starla House to achieve their own individual goal of stabilization. 

After staying at Starla House, some of our clients will decide to find jobs and build new 

lives. Others may decide to go to a long-term care facility where they can receive intense therapy and services before they move forward. The choice is up to each individual survivor, but we will offer to walk with them for a lifetime and provide encouragement and support.

About The Jensen Project

Sexual violence is complex. It’s difficult to understand the scope, size, and reach of it as it’s normalized and even celebrated by businesses, governments, and cultures. Ending it requires a laser focus on three categories of sexual violence: 

  • Human trafficking

  • Domestic violence

  • Sexual assault

As a rape survivor, our founder Janet Jensen discovered that local organizations are doing the hard work to help survivors of sexual violence, but face similar obstacles.

We believe we’re stronger together. A national, unified front will help us win the fight against sexual violence.

Our Vision

We dream of a future where there are established best practices in the fight against sexual violence, moving towards evidence-based programs that are collaborative across the country, driving positive change.

We are building the foundation of best practices and connecting strategic partners to collaborate as an innovative think tank, ultimately expanding the web of funding and resources to empower survivors.

Our Values

· Trust & Transparency—upheld internally and externally.

· Creating Joy—fostering creativity and productivity in an energetic and vibrant environment.

· Integrity—doing the right thing under all circumstances.

· Raise All Boats—striving for excellence while taking care of others, together.

· Innovative Leadership—promoting transformation and growth amongst those we serve.

Giving Activity


The Jensen Project is a nonprofit organization fueling strategic partnerships in the fight against sexual violence.


$500 sponsors one Hope Day, a day of celebration for a shelter resident.

$2,000 covers a weekly outing for all residents, to enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

$3,000 funds medical and dental expenses for one client.

$8,000 sponsors a room at Starla House.

$18,000 funds food expenses for one year for three clients.

$25,000 sponsors one month of residential care.

Equity Statement

The Jensen Project recognizes the communities and people we serve are disproportionately impacted by racism and other social injustices. We are committed to creating an environment that is equitable, transparent, and inclusive. We value self-reflection, growth and collaboration from staff, survivors we serve and partner organizations. We value deep listening, understanding and active participation to keep the conversation going and to dismantle barriers to social and racial justice.

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