Teen Life

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We connect every teenager with trusted adults and resources because no teen deserves to feel alone.

Many teens don't feel like they have a trusted adult in their life they can go to for help. Teen Life partners with schools and community volunteers to provide student support groups to give teenagers a safe place to find connection and resources they need.

We hear many incredible statements from students who participate in Teen Life Support Groups, including quotes such as:

- "I have learned that you should always ask for help when you need it."
- "I'm more dedicated to the opportunities that are given to me."
- "I have learned to control my stress and be patient."
- "I've learned how to reach out for help in a healthy way without lashing out."
- "I feel more connected, and I feel better about myself."
- "I'm going to start every day with a positive attitude and know that I have more friends than I thought."
- "I am not getting as angry or sad. I feel like this put me at a higher level of self-esteem."

Our Needs

Teen Life is currently experiencing growth in our Support Group program. With the spike of mental health concerns in adolescents due to recent lockdowns and social distancing, schools are beginning to reopen their doors to outside resources. We need help to keep up with the recent demand and anticipate the needs of schools to continue to grow exponentially into the next school year.  Your support will enable more teenagers to access free Support Groups on their school campus. 


We connect every teenager with trusted adults and resources because no teen deserves to feel alone.

To accomplish this mission, Teen Life will…

- Empower Students: Give students a safe place to connect through Support Groups

- Elevate Schools: Offer support and resources to school staff

- Encourage Parents: Provide content and guidance for parents

- Equip Volunteers: Train community volunteers to better connect with teens

Equity Statement

Teen Life Board Diversity Policy

Purpose: Teen Life serves students from diverse backgrounds and cultures through Support Groups on private and public school campuses. Though Support Groups are by design inclusive, representation of board members has not historically reflected the communities Teen Life serves.

Strategy: In an effort to dismantle systems in education and society that disproportionately produce outcomes unfavorable to students of color, Teen Life is committed to addressing blind spots in our board nomination process within the framework listed below.


The Leadership at Teen Life must be having active conversations around race and how our decisions impact people of color. We must be honest with ourselves about where we are helping, and where we might be doing harm. The board will attempt to better understand the public school system's issues with racial equity, and crystalize how we are addressing these issues with our programming. With this knowledge, the board will be better equipped to identify new candidates who can help us address these issues on behalf of our students and schools.


Teen Life's board of directors has identified a lack of diversity within its ranks and a significant lack of representation from the communities our programs serve. With this, Teen Life has a goal for the board to represent the general demographics of the community we serve. Tarrant County is populated by approximately half white and half persons of color. With this in mind, we will strive for similar board representation - around half persons of color and half white. These overall numbers will depend on the current size of the board. These will be candidates with a deep passion for our mission and can advocate in their communities for the impact of support groups.


Yearly, at our annual meeting, we will have a progress report from our nominating committee on where we stand in meeting this goal. Accountability measures will be established for the CEO to ensure compliance with this policy. After three years, the board will re-evaluate this policy and update based upon board size and program reach.

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Teen Life

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Mental/Behavioral Health, Youth & Children, Education - K-12

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$500,000 - $999,999

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Dallas, Denton, Parker, Tarrant, Wise

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Black or African American, Asian/Pacific Islander, Hispanic or Latinx, Native American, Other

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Equity Statement


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