SRS Raise the Roof Foundation

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Established in 2012, SRS Raise the Roof Foundation takes our responsibility of being a good community citizen to heart. We are committed to leveraging our expertise and resources to help those in need in the communities in which we serve to address their most pressing challenges. To help our first responder and military service members and their families stay strong and connected, we assist in providing free flights for family members to be with their veterans during hospitalizations and rehabilitation as well as offer resources for suicide prevention and other veteran and first responder mental well-being programs. For those communities impacted by tornadoes, flooding, hurricanes and other catastrophes, SRS Raise the Roof Foundation is dedicated to bringing disaster relief, recovery and restoration to them. We also support programs and services to alleviate some of the most serious issues affecting children and families such as homelessness, child abuse and neglect. SRS Raise the Roof Foundation is committed to ensuring a healthy and positive future for our communities through a vibrant and compassionate partnership with our supporters and network of key organizations.

Our Needs

$3500 = 10 flights through transportation assistance for Wounded Warriors, Major Illnesses, Veterans in Hospice, Special Operations;
 $2500 = 2 weeks of program services, housing, meals to transition a family of 4 out of homeless;
 $1700 = 1 week field deployment for disaster relief and recovery efforts;
 $1500 = mental wellness and program services for veterans struggling with PTSD;
 $1200 = court case support for 1 advocate volunteer and a child who is a victim of trauma, abuse or neglect;
 $625 = 2 weeks of program service, housing and meals to transition an individual out of homelessness;
 $350 = 1 flight for a veteran or family member under one of four health transportation assistance programs;
 $200= 1 day for a disaster relief field deployment;
$100 = support to get1 victim of child violence to court visits, medical appointments, volunteer advocacy sessions;
 $50 = 1 day of program services, housing and meals for an individual transitioning from homelessness;
 $ Any Amount = supports our mission to help veterans, disaster relief and local community assistance needs


SRS Raise the Roof Foundation embraces our mission which is easily stated in three words "AND GIVE BACK." SRS Raise the Roof Foundation truly believes the best way to give back to our communities is linking the skills and passions of our supporters to become champions under our three primary mission pillars: helping veterans, first responders and military families, assisting with disaster relief efforts and addressing local community needs for children and families in crisis.

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SRS Raise the Roof Foundation

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Veterans, Social Services, Housing, Shelter & Homelessness

Operating Budget

$1,000,000 - $2,999,999


7440 S Highway 121
McKinney, TX 75070