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A one-year commitment for young men 15-21 years-old.

NEX Metropolitan is a non-profit organization. The primary purpose is to provide mentorship to underserved and at-risk young men, ages 15 to 21.  Traditionally, these young men have been excluded because of unequal power relationships across economic, social, and cultural factors. We build sustainable relationships to reduce risk factors and recidivism rates through a holistic approach. Our program encompasses counseling, home visits, and monthly mentoring sessions. Additionally, we incorporate practical application activities and community service projects. Activities include but are not limited to:  Interview technique and employment readiness,  ACT/SAT and Military SVAP preparation and leadership. We place an emphasis on mental, physical, academic, and fiscal well-being.  A large portion of our mentors are Licensed Mental Health Professionals, Educators, and Law Enforcement Officers that are committed to our youth.

Participants' success is measured every 30 days.  We focus on short term goals that are sustainable which ultimately build long-term success.  Measurables are different for each young man while several risk factors are considered.  We meet every 3rd Saturday of the month and target young men throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.

Delivery - Effective communication in different settings.
Benefits of Education - The reduction of poverty, sense of accomplishment, critical thinking skills and a greater sense of discipline.
Post High School Preparation - College, technical/trade school, military or workforce.
Critical Thinking - Recognize and access factors that influence behaviors such as values, peer pressure and the media.
Problem Solving - Thinking objectively and exploring different options for multiple solutions.
Interpersonal Relationships - Relating to others in a positive way.
Interview Methods - Techniques used to perform well in a face-to-face interview.
Dress Code (Dressing for the occasion) - The appropriate attire for different situations.
Work Ethic - Developing good work habits, punctuality, dependability and professionalism.
Etiquette - Social, dinner and dating.
Dating - Healthy relationships and respecting your partner.
Social Justice - Civil and Human Rights and Police Interaction.
Illicit Drugs - The unforgiving consequences of the narcotics community.
Financial Literacy - Managing money, avoiding debt, building wealth and planning for the future.
Philanthropy - Understanding the importance of good works, stewardship and paying it forward.

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Mission - Invest in the lives of young men as they make critical decisions and evolve into the NEX phase of their lives. Provide innovative ways to motivate and empower them to overcome obstacles

during adolescence into young adulthood.

Goal - Educate and build sustainable character in young men through life skills, etiquette, professional development, community engagement, conflict resolution, financial literacy and leadership.

Vision - Foster positive relationships with a diverse group of young men and equip them with the appropriate skills and resources to overcome deficiencies that adversely affects them.


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The NEX Foundation

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NEX Metropolitan

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Youth & Children, Mental/Behavioral Health, Public Safety

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