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N of One was founded by parents and researchers who believe that breakthroughs in autism research that will lead to treatments and prevention strategies are possible in our lifetime.

Autism is now affecting 1 in 36 children in the US. In spite of this alarming rise and after years of research and hundreds of millions of dollars of funding:

* We still don't even know what autism is
* We don't know what causes it
* We don't know how to prevent it
* And we don't have any treatments

Parents are understandably frustrated with this lack of progress. At N of One we have a view that things can be done better and look to partner with parents and researchers who share that view.

Our Needs

N of One has a history of backing some of the world's most innovative and successful autism medical research.

The early projects that we have backed are showing success in clinical trials.
See what the Economist had to say about the suramin autism clinical trial that we were an early sponsor of: https://www.economist.com/news/science-and-technology/21722732-it-was-only-initial-trial-suramins-effects-were-dramatic. Update:  Suramin has now been picked up by two biotech companies and is under development

We were one of the first to autism non-profit to advocated for additional research into the role of gut bacteria (the microbiome). We sponsored the first ever scientific conference on autism and the microbiome, shortly after inception. Update: Multiple microbiome based treatments are now currently progressing through FDA clinical trials and are appear both promising and safe.

We continue to identify and support highly promising research that is not being well funded by the conventional sources, but we need your support!

To find out what founder John Rodakis has to say about autism research funding, please see this article published in the Wall Street Journal. http://www.nofone.org/wsj-op-ed-09-29-2017


Our mission is to facilitate, fund and communicate breakthroughs in autism research that will make a meaningful difference in the lives of kids with autism and their families.

Based in Dallas, Texas, our focus is exclusively on scientific and medical research that will provide hope for an independent life for children who are severely impacted by autism. Please consider joining our cause and give today!

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