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Memnosyne Institute has multiple programs that make an impact locally and internationally. One of these programs is FoodsourceDFW (FSDFW), our local hunger relief program with a national reach. For NTX Giving Day, we'd love your support to help us feed more families and individuals.

1 in 7 Texans are hungry. At the same time, 40% of food is wasted. FSDFW, together with its non-profit partners, have helped create a "hub and spoke" Food Sharing Network feeding upwards to 2,500 hungry families per day 5 days a week (see hub and spoke illustration at our website to address both of these issues. Since 2013, we've helped businesses donate over 15,000,000 pounds of surplus food and resources to collectively help over 140 pantries, schools, disaster relief programs and food banks in our distribution network. As a donor hub, our job is to find and distribute truckloads of food, drinks and goods from major food distributors to our partner hubs. At no time do we ever charge our partners or their recipients for food. We receive freely, and we give freely.

We are currently in need of more sources of food from major food distributors and financial assistance to defray our freight costs. COVID-19 has made our job more difficult. A recent study from Northwestern found that food insecurity has doubled overall and tripled among households with children, and that 7% of households across the nation reported receiving free food during the prior week. With layoffs, quarantines, and sheltering in place, food distributors are understaffed and overworked, especially when it comes to those who are responsible for donations. If you are a major food manufacturer or distributor, please contact us and we will make arrangements to have your donations picked up. We have the trucking capabilities, so no matter the size or location we say "yes!" to food.

We make the donation process hassle-free and reliable. While most of our non-profit partners don't have the resources to go out and search for much-needed food, and donors don't have the time to search for nonprofits that have the capacity to pick up multiple large-scale truck loads at once, we fill in the gaps. Two of our major donors are Quaker Oats and PepsiCo. Some donations contain dozens of semi-trucks worth of goods, so we serve as a reliable intermediary between donors and our partner hubs to efficiently redistribute to smaller food pantries, schools, and families.

Our Needs

Memnosyne Institute's FoodSourceDFW program is seeking financial support to defray the costs of freight to deliver donated goods from donor partner sources to non-profit food bank partners. Memnosyne's annual freight costs are in the amount of approximately $17,000.00 . The dedicated support staff person who manages and logs donations and distributions of the in-kind donations costs $20,000 annually.


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