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$35,000 Goal

With your generous support during North Texas Giving Day, we'll be able to continue our commitment to social change, providing more groundbreaking documentaries for all to see. Our films reach a huge audience through PBS broadcasts, as well as partnerships with grassroots organizations, academic institutions and major conferences to show our films and engage in the exchange of ideas and social action.

Flash News: A REASON TO LIVE is a powerful film about suicide and depression and mental health awareness. One mother said "THIS FILM SAVED MY SONS LIFE." After viewing it, I was able to get him help.

PBS is broadcasting beginning  September, 2024 to 5 million viewers. WE NEED your contribution to amplify this message. Let's save lives together.

Millions have seen our films about the life, death and legacy of President John Kennedy at The 6th Floor Museum in  Dallas as well as DREAMS OF EQUALITY at the Natl. Women's Historical Park in Seneca Falls, New York. Other films have aired nationally on PBS and are used in schools, libraries and community groups nationwide. Our films have reached millions. We believe that film can change lives. They have brought awareness about depression and suicide, empowered girls and women and made history come alive. For more information of our  films go to check out and

What do you do when a Pandemic shuts down your long-planned film programs and leaves you in the dark? We at Media Projects turned on the lights and persevered. We are partnering with organizations to virtually screen our films and have meaningful discussions around core issues. Since Covid, hundreds of thousands of people have seen our films. And so more people could view them, through a generous grant, we donated 52 copies to the Dallas Public Library.

In our latest film, women behind bars depended on us to tell their stories.
IN HER SHOES puts a human face on women who are incarcerated. It contributes to  prison reform as it humanizes incarcerated women. In heart-wrenching honesty, women at the Dallas County Jail share their untold stories as they examine their lives through the shoes they have worn, are currently wearing and hope to wear when they take their next steps.

Some  of the women are incarcerated for crimes like prostitution, theft, embezzlement and drug offenses. They speak for the first time about the physical and sexual abuse they endured during their lives.

Vulnerable, gritty and surprisingly hopeful, this film humanizes incarcerated women. In fact, the Lady Lifers, women serving life at Muncy State Prison, donated 2 songs to support the film. They even shared their shoe stories.

Too strong to be ignored, we donated showings to reach people who work with prisoners- sheriffs, police, judges, prison employees and guards - to bring awareness to people often overlooked and dismissed. We had virtual screenings with Empowering Women Out Of Prison, Columbia, Tufts,TWU, SMU, UTD, Boston Universities, Justice for Arts Conference with impactful panel discussions. WOMEN ON THE RISE is using the film to help with their campaign to close a jail in Atlanta, Georgia.

Do you remember the Suffragists who went on hunger strikes and almost died for a woman's right to vote? We persisted with our 19th Amendment Centennial celebrations. We turned in-person film programs to major online and broadcast events by collaborating with KERA TV, Ignite National and the Dallas Public Library. We showcased our films that tell stories from the first Women's Rights Conference in 1848 to the National Women's Conference in 1977 that featured Gloria Steinem and Betty Friedan.

And, if you're disappointed that you won't be attending the State Fair, grab a corny dog, round up your family and friends and watch our Emmy Award film "A Fair To Remember" on KERA this September 25 28, 29th and October 1 and 11th. Thank you to BuzzBrewz and Dallas College Foundation, two of our sponsors for the broadcast.

Our Needs

During Covid, we found new and impactful ways to connect to new audiences with our films. This has taken more effort,creativity and collaborations with other organizations. We've been doing more outreach with our films and need funding to do this.Your contribution will make it possible for us to continue distributing our films to schools and community groups where they personalize issues, motivate critical thinking and promote change. We are making tremendous efforts to address issues about depression, racial issues, women's empowerment, antisemitism and prison reform. We need your support .

THE SHOW MUST GO ON! We're in production on two new films.   

 SOLE SISTERS, a women's issue and empowerment film;
THE BATTLE FOR OUR NEIGHBORHOOD, exploring the impact of development in a multi-ethnic Dallas community and

We sincerely appreciate your support . Together, we can make change with film.

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For 40 years Media Projects Inc. has produced and distributed films that personalize some of the most complex social issues of our time, such as depression and suicide, racism, antisemitism women's empowerment and prison reform,. We also create films that celebrate events and people who indelibly touch our lives like the film on the State Fair of Texas. The moving stories we've brought to life have been seen in schools across the country in efforts to educate upcoming generations on important social issues.


We need funding to continue our outreach with films that make a difference in people's lives. During Covid we reworked how we work with other non-profit organizations and educational institutions so we can reach more people. The outreach is labor intensive, but worth it. We have reached thousands of people using a virtual platform. We have shown our films and have had robust discussions that have lead to Calls for Action We need your help to continue making a difference with film..

Equity Statement

Media Projects Inc is committed to fostering, cultivating, and preserving a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion. We uphold the dignity and rights of all individuals and respect the diverse backgrounds and perspectives that contribute to our organization's success.

Policy Statement:

Media Projects Inc does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, age, disability, veteran status, marital status, genetic information, or any other legally protected status in its employment practices, program selections, requests for proposals, and relationships with vendors or suppliers.


This policy applies to all employees, clients, contractors, subcontractors, vendors, and partners of Media Projects Inc.


Management and all members of the staff are responsible for upholding this policy. We expect all who engage with our organization to embrace this commitment to equality and inclusivity in all interactions and activities.

Complaint Procedure:

Media Projects Inc provides a safe mechanism for reporting discrimination or harassment. Any complaints should be directed immediately to the organization's designated officer, who will investigate the matter confidentially and promptly.


Violations of this non-discrimination policy may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination for employees or dissolution of contracts for vendors and contractors.

Media Projects Inc is dedicated to maintaining an environment where our values of equality and inclusivity are in practice, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to contribute to our mission.

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