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Many families in Dallas are struggling, especially single mothers. 

According to Economic Issues for Women in Texas, 60% of Texas mothers are breadwinners, with women of color more likely to be the sole breadwinners. For many of these families, rent accounts for 50% of earnings, and childcare is around 30%, leaving 20% of the remaining income for food, gas, and everything else. One financial emergency can easily lead to homelessness. Single mothers, who account for 97% of Interfaith’s clients, are especially vulnerable. Thankfully, Interfaith Family Services is here to provide housing, help, and hope.  Since 1985, we have remained committed to our mission “to empower families in crisis to break the cycle of poverty.”

Interfaith’ s Solution for Single Mothers in Crisis

Interfaith Family Services empowers families to work their way out of poverty through the following Three-Step Family Empowerment Methodology: (1) eliminating barriers to housing stability through transitional housing and rent assistance, (2) equipping parents with skills to overcome poverty through career and financial coaching, and (3) educating children to break the cycle through on-site childcare, afterschool, and summer programs.  

Your Investment. Our Impact. 

As a result of our holistic approach, the hard work of our families, and the generosity of donors like you, 180 Dallas families in 2022 achieved the following. 

  1. 97% obtained full-time employment and SUFFICIENT INCOME averaging $17.59 per hour.
  2.  94% exited with STABLE HOUSING.
  3.  80% created a SAVINGS SAFETY-NET averaging $995.05 per family. 
  4.  99% exited with a SUSTAINABILITY PLAN which includes a five-year career plan. 
  5.  Children also experienced SUCCESS IN SCHOOL with 81% improving one grade level or more in both reading and math.

 Together, we can break the cycle of poverty for good! Donate today! For more information about Interfaith Family Services, visit


Since 1985, Interfaith has empowered families in crisis to break the cycle of poverty. We meet this need through our holistic 3-step Family Empowerment Methodology.

Through our holistic approach, we have helped hundreds of families transition from homelessness to self-sufficiency, with an emphasis on outcomes and impact.


Equity Statement

Interfaith has historically served people of color experiencing poverty and homelessness. 80% of Interfaith clients are African-American and 13% are Latinx. 100% enter the program at or near the poverty line. 90% are headed by single mother led households. The Family Empowerment model was created in keeping with the realities that many minority communities face. All services that we offer are in the same location which helps with transportation access as many families experience financial, education, and childcare barriers. Our program ensures that families are not only taught how to increase earnings but also how to manage the increase so that they are equipped to make better choices for a lifetime. We incorporate wellness, self-care, and empowerment to ensure that families are living balanced lives. This holistic view of living is not often something that our target population would otherwise experience. The results speak for themselves as 95% of families exit with permanent housing and 98% obtain or maintain employment. The average household experiences a $10K annual salary increase because of our career coaching

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