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Over the past year since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Interfaith has received 10- 12 times the normal number of calls for rent and utility assistance, transitional housing, and other critical resources. Some families who are fortunate to have housing are at significant risk of becoming homeless. Most do not have an adequate savings safety-net. As a result of the pandemic, many with jobs had their hours reduced, were furloughed, or were laid off. They are looking for work but finding few employers that are hiring. Others do not have adequate sick days or paid time off needed to sustain themselves for the foreseeable future. Many are one paycheck away from homelessness. Our Success Coaches, Career Services Specialist, and counselors are helping adults to gain new, marketable skills via online vocational trainings that will help them secure better jobs. During this time, parents also complete weekly financial coaching sessions to help them master budgeting tools that will help them to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic and ensure a financially stable future.

Due to the pandemic, students were released from school more than two months early and our Moody Family Childcare & Youth Services team responded to the need without missing a beat! We provided support for virtual learning, as well as as other safe, fun, and educational activities for children ages 0-18. This resulted in more than two months' worth of unanticipated expenses due to transitioning our part-time youth services staff to full-time. Additional program expenses include breakfast and lunch costs and other supply costs associated with the program. Although students in DISD are back to in-person learning, they have been negatively impacted by the pandemic both academically and socio-emotionally. Our afterschool and summer program is uniquely tailored to help them catch up and get ahead in math and reading.

Now that the Texas eviction moratorium and the additional state benefits for unemployed ($300/week) have ceased, families are in immediate crisis and need housing or rental assistance, job placement assistance, childcare, and more. Thankfully, Interfaith Family Services is here to help.

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Interfaith is one of the few local agencies that exclusively serves working poor families with children-the most under-served and vulnerable segment of our community. We empower families to break the cycle of poverty through our accountability-driven, proven model for self-sufficiency. We believe stronger families make stronger communities. As a result of our work, Interfaith save Dallas tax-payers approximately $5 Million for each annual graduating class. Join us in strengthening our community. Donate today!


We empower families in crisis to break the cycle of poverty. For over 35 years, Interfaith Family Services has helped families work their way out of poverty by eliminating barriers to success, equipping parents with skills, and educating children.

We believe that our holistic approach, fine-tuned over our organization's history, will transform the COVID-19 crisis into a catalyst for long-term stability for Dallas families.


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Economic/Financial Insecurity/Poverty, Housing, Shelter & Homelessness, Education - K-12

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