Institute for Educational Excellence

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$5,000 Goal

The Institute for Educational Excellence provides research and  support services to "Bridge the Excellence and Equity Gaps" in Education, Health/Wellness and Economic Opportunities, through three centers:

I. CENTER FOR EDUCATIONAL EXCELLENCE provides support services to bridge the gaps, enhance excellence and develop opportunities in education:
A. College and Career Readiness
B. College Prep Program
C. Leadership Institute

II. CENTER FOR RESEARCH provides comprehensive research to advance education, health and economic leveling for all communities:
A. Corporate and Community Research
B. Grant Writing
C. Research Training and Publishing

III. CENTER FOR COUNSELING and DIAGNOSTIC SERVICES provides counseling, diagnostic and support services to address personal, health and economic needs :
A. Counseling
B. Diagnostic Services
C. Health and Economic Opportunities

The Institute serves individuals, families, corporate, education and faith base partners. Our goals are:
"Excellence and Equity in  Research, Education, Health/Wellness, and Economic Opportunities"

Our Needs

The current needs of IEE include funding and volunteers for staff and Technology to reach all sectors of our service community as well as partnership to provide a network of support services


Bridging the Gaps to Excellence and Equity in Education, Health/Wellness, and Economic Opportunities because all who wish to pursue an education, economic success, and maintain their health should be afforded the opportunity without restraints.


Institute for Educational Excellence (IEE) needs:

Volunteers - clerical, research, social media and technology support

Funding - to provide support services, upgrade technology, offer scholarships and conduct research

Partnerships - to provide workshops and a network of support services.

Equity Statement

Institute for Educational Excellence (IEE) believes that education, economic leveling, and health are fundamental to continuous progress of society. Therefore we believe that all who wish to pursue an education, economic success and/or maintain their health should be afforded the opportunity without undue restraints. There should be no systemic gaps in opportunities. Therefore IEE is committed to closing the gaps for all communities. IEE believes in diversity, equity and inclusion for all, therefore, we do not discriminate on the based race, ethnicity, gender or sexual origin or preference, disability, or age.

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Institute for Educational Excellence

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Community Improvement, Economic/Financial Security/Poverty, Education - Career Prep

Operating Budget

Less than $100,000

Counties Served

Dallas, Ellis, Tarrant

BIPOC Serving

Black or African American, Hispanic or Latinx

BIPOC Leadership

Executive Director/CEO

Equity Statement

Equity Statement


P. O. Box 6540
Fort Worth, TX 76115