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Support the G.I.F.T.4.S. Academy on North Texas Giving Day!


The growth and achievements of G.I.F.T.4.S. Academy over the years have been remarkable. From a humble beginning with 18 students in 2017 to a thriving educational community of 91 students in 2023, our journey has been rewarding and inspiring.

Why Your Support Matters

Our commitment at G.I.F.T.4.S. Academy goes beyond mere academics. We are deeply vested in ensuring that our students are prepared for the new academic year and life beyond school. Every summer, we ensure they are engaged in constructive learning experiences that cover Math, Reading, and Science while also providing exposure to technology, college preparation, and essential life skills.

But the heart and soul of our academy are not just about numbers or subjects. It's about the nourishing breakfasts we start our day with, the snacks that energize our students, the educational field trips that spark curiosity, and the special days where they proudly showcase their learning.

Here’s How Your Contribution Will Make a Difference:

- Education: Your support will help us maintain and enhance our curriculum, ensuring our students receive top-quality education during the summer months.

- Extracurricular Activities: Funds will go towards organizing educational trips, sports tournaments, and technology exhibitions that contribute to holistic development.

- Support for Seniors: Our seniors are on the cusp of stepping out into the world. Your donations will assist in prepping them for the challenges ahead.

- Continuous Learning: Our weekend tutoring sessions and parent meetings are essential to our students’ success. Your contributions will ensure these continue uninterrupted.

Communities Foundation of Texas’ North Texas Giving Day is more than a day. It's an opportunity for you to be a part of our village - a village that believes in the potential of every child and works relentlessly to turn that potential into success.

Join us on September 21, 2023, for North Texas Giving Day and make a difference in the lives of our students at G.I.F.T.4.S. Academy. Your support today will shape tomorrow's leaders, innovators, and changemakers.

Warm regards,

The GIFT4S Academy Team


G.I.F.T.4.S. Academy is adding an Addendum to our mission. G.I.F.T.4.S. Academy must prepare our students academically and socially this summer more than ever. It is our mission to provide students and their families with fundamental skills and tools lost during the Pandemic. Regardless of online learning, most of our children did not have the capabilities to continue learning these past months. They were unable to access the internet. With many distractions in their home, some students were unable to complete assignments. Other students did not have laptops or other materials needed to learn. We have to support our students and families to help them achieve their personal and professional objectives. The G.I.F.T.4.S. Academy is a 3-week intensive program as well as year-round tutoring, leadership academy, and book club for students in elementary through high school grades. We need to provide more than three weeks this summer. The academy focuses on the core subjects, computer literacy, health and wellness, and fine arts. Also, parents participate in educational workshops ranging from financial literacy to parenting skills. Qualified teachers, counselors, coaches, volunteers, and staff provide the information to help participants and their families achieve a high level of excellence. We need financial support, any amount, to accomplish the G.I.F.T.4.S. Academy's mission that will benefit our students, families, and community.


Our educational non-profit organization provides a comprehensive and holistic learning experience for grades three through twelve students. Our program offers enriching field trips, essential school supplies, access to technology, nutritious meals, and financial aid to seniors. We are committed to removing barriers to education and fostering an inclusive environment where all students can thrive.

1. Field Trips:

Funding: Secure financial resources to organize and facilitate various educational field trips that enhance students' learning experiences beyond the classroom.

Transportation: Arrange safe and reliable transportation to and from field trip destinations.

Educational Partnerships: Develop partnerships with museums, science centers, historical sites, and other educational venues to create engaging and curriculum-aligned experiences.

2. Nutritious Meals and Snacks:

Food Budget: Allocate funds to provide balanced and nutritious meals for students during field trips, ensuring they have the energy to participate fully in learning activities.

Dietary Restrictions: Cater to students' dietary restrictions and preferences, ensuring everyone can access appropriate meals and snacks.

3. Financial Aid for Seniors:

Scholarship Fund: Establish a scholarship fund to assist graduating seniors pursuing higher education or vocational training.

Application Process: Develop a transparent and fair application process to identify deserving seniors needing financial support.

Mentorship: Pair seniors with mentors who can guide them through the scholarship application process and provide valuable advice.

4. School Supplies and Technology:

Procurement: Collect and distribute essential school supplies such as notebooks, writing tools, backpacks, and other materials required for academic success.

Technology Access: Ensure students can access technology devices (laptops, tablets, etc.) and internet connectivity to support remote learning, research, and digital literacy.

5. Program Sustainability:

Fundraising: Implement diverse fundraising strategies, including grants, donations from individuals and corporations, fundraising events, and community partnerships.

Volunteer Recruitment: Recruit and train volunteers to assist with various program activities, such as organizing field trips, distributing supplies, and providing senior mentorship.

Community Engagement: Establish strong ties with local communities, educational institutions, and businesses to foster support and involvement in our mission.

Staff Salaries: Allocate funds to hire and retain qualified staff members, including educators, administrators, program coordinators, and support personnel, who are essential for the smooth operation and growth of the program.

Fundraising: Implement diverse fundraising strategies, including grants, donations from individuals and corporations, fundraising events, and community partnerships.

Volunteer Recruitment: Recruit and train volunteers to assist with various program activities, such as organizing field trips, distributing supplies, and providing senior mentorship.

Community Engagement: Establish strong ties with local communities, educational institutions, and businesses to foster support and involvement in our mission.

6. Evaluation and Impact Assessment:

Data Collection: Regularly collect data on student participation, academic achievements, and senior success stories to measure the program's impact.

Continuous Improvement: Use data-driven insights to improve the program's offerings, ensuring they remain relevant and effective for students' needs.

7. Outreach and Enrollment:

Awareness Campaigns: Develop marketing strategies to promote the program's benefits and reach families benefiting from the services offered.

Enrollment Process: Create a streamlined enrollment process that collects the necessary information and ensures equitable access to the program.

In summary, our educational non-profit organization serves third through twelfth graders by providing enriching field trips, nutritious meals, financial aid to seniors, school supplies, and access to technology. Through community engagement, effective fundraising, and a commitment to student success, we aim to remove barriers to education and empower students to reach their full potential.

Equity Statement

At the GIFT4S Academy, we are unwavering in our commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion. Regardless of their background, identity, or circumstances, every student deserves access to a high-quality education that empowers them to thrive. Our program is founded on the principles of justice and fairness and recognizing that systemic barriers can disproportionately affect certain communities.

We create an environment where all students have an equal opportunity to learn, grow, and succeed. We actively seek to address disparities and eliminate educational inequities that hinder the potential of marginalized and underrepresented groups. Our approach to equity encompasses various dimensions, including race, ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status, ability, sexual orientation, and more.

To uphold our commitment to equity, we pledge to:

1. Inclusive Programming: We design and implement our program with inclusivity at the forefront. We strive to ensure that all students see themselves represented and valued in the experiences we provide.

2. Access and Opportunity: We work tirelessly to remove barriers to participation, whether financial, physical, or otherwise. We aim to provide equal access to all program components, from field trips to technology, without discrimination.

3. Cultural Sensitivity: We respect and celebrate our students and their families' diverse cultures, identities, and perspectives. We actively integrate culturally relevant content and experiences into our program to foster a sense of belonging.

4. Equitable Support: Our support extends beyond academics to address the holistic needs of our students. We offer resources and assistance to ensure all students can thrive academically, emotionally, and socially.

5. Transparency: We communicate openly about our equity efforts, progress, and challenges. We seek input from our community to improve our practices continually.

6. Continuous Learning: We engage in ongoing education and training to deepen our understanding of equity issues and refine our strategies for promoting an equitable educational experience.

7. Advocacy: We advocate for policies and practices that promote educational equity at the local and systemic levels. We collaborate with partners to drive change that benefits all students.

Our dedication to equity inspires us to create an educational landscape where each student's potential is recognized, nurtured, and celebrated. By embracing diversity and inclusivity, we are taking meaningful steps toward a future where every student can achieve their dreams, regardless of obstacles.

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