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$5,000 Goal

LLELA is visited by over 30,000 people annually. The property also hosts upwards of 10,000 students each year from across the region.

What does Friends of LLELA do?
- Helps operate an onsite 15,000 sq. ft. native plant nursery. In 2019, 10,000 plants were grown and planted throughout the 2,600 acre property.
- Operates the LLELA Visitor Center.
- Assists in the maintenance of eight miles of trails and are actively working to open two new trails to the public in the next few years.
- Aids in the maintenance of and the hosting of programs at a restored 1850s log house complex.
- Purchases supplies for short term research projects as well as long term scientific activities on site. This includes support for the only migratory bird banding station available to college students in North Texas as well as the operation of one of the few inland MOTUS tracking towers used to detect radio transmitters attached to both resident and migratory birds.
- Purchases supplies for onsite educational and recreational activities.
- Hosts an annual seminar that highlights the use of native plants in landscaping.
- Hosts a bi-monthly lecture series with local experts, researchers and enthusiasts on various environmental topics.
- Sponsors special events like an annual BioBlitz and specialty trail hikes.
- Supports wildlife projects like the bobwhite quail reintroduction program and the box turtle program.


Lewisville Lake Environmental Learning Area (LLELA) is located in the heart of North Texas just below Lewisville Lake. A hidden gem of nature just waiting to be discovered!

The land belongs to the USACE and is leased and managed by the University of North Texas, the City of Lewisville, and the Lewisville ISD.

LLELA's Mission and Vision

To preserve and restore native Texas ecosystems and biodiversity while providing opportunities for environmental education, research, and recreation.

To heal the land and restore the bond between people and nature, ensuring the preservation of our natural heritage for the future.

The Friends of LLELA assists LLELA's partner organizations in fulfilling our mission and making our vision a reality.


First, we need to thank the many of you who donated last year, providing the bulk of the funding to complete nature murals on the Visitor’s Center and LLELA Office Complex. The project accomplished a long-standing goal to make the office area much more welcoming to our visitors. In addition, it gave students in the UNT "Art in Public Spaces" class a chance to demonstrate their creativity, develop their skills, and gain practical experience for their future careers as professional artists.

This year’s campaign returns to more immediate and practical needs. The greenhouse requires some major repairs.

You likely remember the fierce windstorms we had in late March. Unfortunately, we don’t have a video of Richard Freiheit, LLELA’s restoration manager, being lifted off the ground by the wind as we tried to roll up the sides and secure the greenhouse cover. Once it was loose, we couldn’t save it. The wind peeled the entire cover off the frame in a few seconds. A small silver lining, the cover as due to be replaced in a couple years and we had already discussed doing some much needed repairs on both ends of the building, so now we can complete refurbishing the structure in a single operation.

This is a priority, we lost almost a years’ worth of native seedlings to the winter freeze in 2021 and have barely recovered. Last Fall LISD seventh graders, as part of a new LISDOLA curriculum, planted over 7,000 seedlings along the powerline right of way, and we got as many plants as we had into the active restoration units.

Our goal for 2023 is to plant 10,000 seedlings in multiple restoration units and with the participation of LISD students another 7,000 further along the powerline right of way. We need the greenhouse ready to protect next year’s seedlings, to get our restoration back on track with our goals and continue our support of a partner organization.

Our estimate of the cost is four to five thousand dollars. So, our fund-raising goal for 2022 is $7,500.00.

As always, additional donations are put towards prairie restoration, box turtle reintroduction, painted bunting research, bird blinds, wildlife monitoring programs, equipment, and other ongoing projects supported by Friends of LLELA.

The Friends of LLELA is a 501c3 non-profit corporation.

Thank You !!!

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